Friday, December 9, 2011

'Another C. diff outbreak in Niagara? I'm outta here', says Liberal Jim Bradley.

Another C. difficile outbreak has been called in Niagara - again.

Now that C. diff is back (if it had ever really left...) it can only mean that Liberal MPP Jim Bradley will vanish, as he had during this year's Niagara summer of C. diff death.

In the Dec.8, 2011 St.Catharines Standard report announcing that C.diff  has re-appeared, writer (and apparently resident Standard Bradley baby-sitter) Grant Lafleche carefully ensured that no Liberals were mentioned in the story; after all, what do Liberal monopolists Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor have anything to do with any of this, right?!

And since the Standard doesn't have Harris or Sevenpifer to conveniently demonize anymore, it's getting harder for the Standard to hide its now-blatant love affair with Jim Bradley!

Gosh... who to blame, who to blame...? Hmmm... lessee... well, we can't blame George Smitherman's Liberal-created-and-appointed LHIN... we can't blame Jimmy or Kimmy or any Liberal... we can't blame the Liberal's new NHS supervisor Smith - although we would have happily blamed Sevenpifer, if only she was still here...dammit... well, there's always blaming the visitors, and the general public... oh, wait... we can still blame the NHS!!

Ohhh: yes!! The "controversial" NHS, with its "controversial" restructurings - you know, those restructurings which - hahahahaha - NO McGUINTY LIBERAL EVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH!! ha ha ha!

You know the spin: the LHIN is pure and good, y'see, because it was created by McGuinty's Liberals; the NHS, though, is evil - because Harris created it!!

Bingo - there's the scapegoat connection - the one which Kim Craitor and his supporters love to trot out, so as to deflect from the monopolist disaster which Smitherman had wrought upon Niagara!!

Imagine: from the time of this summer's C. diff disaster, to another outbreak re-appearing in December, the St. Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker  hasn't bothered to conduct a single interview with their beloved local Liberal buddy Jim Bradley about Niagara's deadly C. diff situation!!

And now the C. diff's back, but secretive Ole Bradley's still missing. Guess he's already off on his vacation and his Liberal fundraising junkets.

Funny that the Standard's Wendy Metcalfe can't see her own paper's hypocritical 'wrong-righting', eh?

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