Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The St.Catharines Standard's green landfill

Looking at the St.Catharines Standard's Dec.20, 2011 story "Dreaming of a green Christmas", one might be forgiven for at first thinking that this was a typical VanDongen/Mayer piece of GreenTeamsterism; but no, it's the same kind of green pandering propaganda, now purveyed by Don Fraser, enabled by photos from Bob Tymczyszyn.
The "season is rife with things given" which "might end up in landfills", we are ominously informed by Fraser, who uses St.Catharines City Hall employee Melissa Hellwig as a conduit exemplifying How The Planet Can (Should/Must) Be Saved, and, also includes a good, quick dose of anti-import and buy-local disjointed rhetoric from Niagara's pseudo-environment minister Jane Hanlon.
Of course, in that typical green-biased way pioneered by the GreenTeamsters, Fraser didn't concern himself with actually challenging anything his subjects said - this was simply a fine fluffy piece of light-green propaganda, brought to us by the Metcalfian wrong-righters at the Standard. It was pointless diversionary enviro-babble to fill column inches; in other words, it was itself green landfill.
Thankfully, Wendy Metcalfe's Standard didn't bother sending Fraser and Tymczyszyn to stake out their secretive local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, to obtain a real story detailing Bradley's comments on Niagara's killler C.difficile horror unfolding (again) in Bradley's Liberal-run health monopoly!

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