Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looks like Ontario's Environment Minister Jim Bradley has nothing to do with the environment!

Interesting article by Greg Van Moorsel in the Dec.27, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, "Ontario's dirt hides behind oilsands', which points out that McGuinty's Liberals should be thankful that Alberta's oil industry is supporting Ontario economically, while at the same time also taking the spotlight away from McGuinty-run Ontario's own abysmal environmental record (as Ontario's environment commissioner Gord Miller had recently reported)

Despite adopting a GreenFear-fallacy within his own story (peddling unsubstantiated links to "climate-warming greenhouse gases") Van Moorsel nevertheless makes some good points about how Alberta gets vilified, yet Ontario gets a free environmental pass.

The astounding thing about this report - coming as it does from Sun Media's own national comment editor, and appearing in Wendy Metcalfe's notoriously faux-'wrong-righting'  St.Catharines Standard - is that - once again! -  there was no analysis of, no comments from, no reactions from, no mention whatsoever about St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim James J.J. Bradley - who is Ontario's Environment Minister!!!

There was nothing at all in this story from or about Jim Bradley - a TWO-TIME ONTARIO LIBERAL environment minister, no less!!!!

Why was Good Ole Jim Bradley, the Liberal Kyodiot who practically gave birth to Kyoto in Ontario a decade ago, ever-so-conveniently missing in this report?!

Don't Wendy Metcalfe or Greg Van Moorsel know who Jim Bradley is, or what he's (not) done??! hahaha.

And Kinsella calls Sun Media 'right-wing'!! hahaha

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