Tuesday, December 6, 2011

McGuinty's Liberals created Niagara's HIP

Why do St.Catharines Standard editors allow stories (such as Ray Spiteri's Dec.6, 2011 article about the on-going Anzovino inquest, "Ambulance waits at ERs continue") to propagate half-truths about who created the Niagara HIP?

The Sun Media Niagara Liberal Propaganda Unit (...hey, ya got that, Mr. Liberal Kinsella??) keeps on purposefully omitting the fact that the HIP was forced onto the NHS by George Smitherman, McGuinty's Liberal health minister!!

Spiteri knows it; as does the Bradley Fan Club at the Standard.

{After all, even the Standard's Grant Lafleche had actually reported in a Jan.3, 2009 story that "the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) ordered the NHS to come up with an improvement plan to address its inability to balance its budget"!}

Why is Spiteri only providing a disingenuous partial view of the truth? The NHS did what McGuinty's Liberals ordered them to do!

Why, then, are McGuinty's Liberals not mentioned in Spiteri's story?!

After all, Spiteri did bother to mention that the Fort Erie and Port Colborne ER's were "downgraded" as "part of a controversial restructuring plan by the NHS", but...  ooooooppsie...  Spiteri conveniently forgot to mention WHY this downgrade happened, or, WHO asked for it to be made!!!

The point of such (deceptive) media spin is to keep linking the "controversial" HIP to the NHS, but not to the Liberals who had demanded and instigated the HIP's creation!!

Spiteri's story doesn't even tell readers why the HIP restructuring was so "controversial", in the first place; we're just supposed to 'know'!!! The more we are led to believe by the media that the 'controversy' is about the NHS, the less we will see the real complicity of McGuinty's monopolist Liberals.

Somehow, Spiteri just forgot (haha!) to mention the entire lead-in prologue-part of this 'controversial restructuring' story: that it was the LHIN - yes, Smitherman's Liberal-created LHIN - which demanded that the NHS create a restructuring plan, in order to reduce, so to speak, its (monopolist-state-controlled) "deficit"; and that it was the Liberal government which closed the Fort Erie and Port Colborne ERs!

Of course, Spiteri knows this, as do the Liberal-Friendly Bradley Boosters at the Standard!

And: Spiteri and his Standard editors purposefully neglected to mention that it was McGuinty's Liberal LHIN which not only forced the NHS to create the HIP, but then subsequently also APPROVED the HIP restructuring plan for implementation!

Of course, Spiteri and his editors know full well that the NHS did not initiate the HIP, and, Spiteri and his editors also know full well that the NHS did not approve the HIP for implementation. McGuinty's Liberals did both: McGuinty's Liberals instigated the HIP, and, McGuinty's Liberals then approved the HIP!

But why print the entire truth, when a Liberal-friendly half-truth can be neatly spun so as not to involve unpleasant questions about Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, and their their monopolist Liberal health care policies!

What blatantly subtle Liberal-friendly propaganda - the kind of stuff  Prof. Moon wrote about!

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