Monday, December 26, 2011

The St.Catharines Standard peddles more GreenFear

An impressive bit of GreenFear-mongering appeared on pg.A9 of the Dec.26, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, in Thane Burnett's  ominously titled story "Could 2012 be The end?".

Of course, Wendy Metcalfe's wrong righters at the Standard printed Burnett's column without any scrutiny regarding the accompanying photo's outrageous claims.

One great GreenFear doozy was the scary photo of the Earth in some kind of fearsome brown tinge, with this classic smelly 'piece of Justin Trudeau' caption: "Between global warming and rapid change in climate, we are seeing a rapid alteration of our biosphere alongside climatic catastrophes".

Now, that's some Good Ole GreenFear-mongering for you: scared yet, that Armageddon's gonna getcha?!

Read that ridiculous St.Catharines Standard bullsh!t once more, just for fun!! It's almost as if Wendy's Standard is trying to pull off a parody here, and that the fear mongering hyperbolic captions below the photos are actually a spoof, not supposed to be real!!!

It's funny, because Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard editors never really provide any evidence to justify the GreenFear which they have just published. Just saying it is proof in itself: after all, AGW is 'all settled', so, how can anyone question it?!!!

If one reads Burnett's story, it's not at all clear who actually makes this claim: Burnett's column doesn't actually make the claim which accompanies the story's photo. Burnett writes of subject Larry Hall mentioning "climate change", but nowhere in the story does Burnett actually write that Hall himself believes it; Burnett reports Hall only saying that others - those who have been GreenFeared into buying his disaster shelters - do; and, Burnett shows us that Hall is more than happy to profit from their fears.

Burnett, in the body of his story, doesn't actually peddle the doomsday scenario, yet, he doesn't question it, either: so it is not clear who, then, actually made the claims in the photo captions which accompany the Standard's story! Did QMI agency writer Burnett also choose the photos and write the captions, or were these inserted and editorialized by others?

Will Standard boss Metcalfe bother to explain why the photo-caption claims which came alongside the story, were not actually part of the story? Jim Bradley, Stephane Dion, and David Suzuki salute you, Wendy.

Wendy could have assigned some other reporter - maybe Spiteri -  to examine the claims attached to Burnett's story, or the Standard's manipulative editorialization of Burnett's story, by referring to Ontario's own Blessed Environment Minister Jim Bradley, for final confirmation that the planet is indeed in 'catastrophic biospherical' meltdown, as Wendy Metcalfe's Standard has actually reported.

Bradley, Ontario's Environmental Sage, could have easily - once and for all - proven that 'the Planet is in Peril', and, that the Standard is not peddling a smelly 'piece of Justin Trudeau', but is printing true scientific facts: Jim Bradley, after all, knows all about the... ahem... reality of global warming.

Gawrsh: all Wendy - or Thane Burnett, or Spiteri - had to do, was call Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, who is always available  (...hahaha...) and is always eager (...bwaahaha...) to publicly show the definitive scientific evidence, which only he knows, which proves anthropogenic global warming and climate change!! Why wasn't Environment Minister Bradley consulted?!

Although 2011 'should have been the end' of the St.Catharines Standard's GreenFear peddling, it's apparent that the end of Kyoto has not brought about an end to the Standard's penchant for climate deception. 

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