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Niagara press ignores Jim Bradley's Liberal energy rip-off

It's funny how the Dec.2, 2011 St.Catharines Standard runs Jonathan Jenkin's celebratory story about the closure of two generating units at Nanticoke, without mentioning that Dalton McGuinty's lying Liberals had promised - and broken their promises - to close ALL of Ontario's coal generation plants by 2007!

OOOPs! We done bin jes' plain ole plumb fergot 'bout dat!!

The Standard dutifully carried this story, which did not include any response on the issue from the opposition: all we had in this typical one-sided story was stenography and blather from Liberal Chris Bentley.

It's funny how Wendy Metcalfe's gang of 'wrong-righters' at the St.Catharines Standard can't seem to get around to asking Bentley - or even their local Liberal bestbuddy, Environment Minister Jim Bradley - about the subject which this Dec.2, 2011 National Post article by Parker Gallant dealt with.

The St.Catharines Standard HAS NEVER really bothered to seriously take their Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to task for any of his Liberal energy fiascoes, have they? They have eagerly parroted and peddled Jim Bradley's GreeenFear agenda from the start; we just saw a bit more of that in Susan Batsford's scary (and, note: carefully pre-Durban-timed!! hahahaha) "world Co2 emissions" graphs in the Dec.1, 2011 Standard, pg.D8.

Wendy Metcalfe's Liberal-friendly Standard "newsroom" never has bothered to, and apparently never will, ask their GreenGod Jim Bradley about... oh.... let's see, claims such as:

The Ontario government is hiding the fact that adding intermittent wind and solar production to the province’s baseload generation capacity has done nothing more then drive up the price of a basic need and benefited companies in New York and elsewhere.
This is not a new development. Last January, the Toronto Star reported that “Ontario electricity customers have subsidized power exports to the tune of $1-billion since 2006.”

The St.Catharines Standard hasn't bothered to write much about that: why??!!

No interviews about that with local Liberal Jim Bradley: why???!!

Electricity prices are going through the roof under McGuinty's energy-fiasco regime - yet we in Liberal Ontario are forced to subsidize GreenFear-generated power which McGuinty then essentially gives away to the States!!!

"That loss is paid by Ontario ratepayers. The exports keep costs up, not down. The real cost of electricity is buried in an arcane pricing structure that seems to have been designed to hide the facts.
The provinces and states purchasing Ontario’s surplus electricity don’t have to pay the full cost of building, maintaining and expanding Ontario’s out-of-control electricity regime. On top of the so-called market price for electricity, Ontario ratepayers must foot the bill for Ontario’s multi-faceted politically micro-managed power system. All these other costs are accumulated and calculated under an accounting conceit called the “Global Adjustment” (GA).
According to the IESO, the Global Adjustment includes “the rates paid to regulated and contracted generators and for conservation and demand management programs.” In such few words are packed a multitude of hidden costs.
The market price, based on trades in the wholesale market among major generators and buyers, is merely the base for a series of Global Adjustment add-ons. The average market price of 2.98¢ must be adjusted to pay for electricity the province has contracted to buy at above-market prices. Wind power generation is paid at 13.5¢ a kWh and solar at 80¢ a kWh. Another cost is the province’s policy of paying generating companies not to produce electricity. If wind power is being generated, displacing gas plants, the government pays gas plants not to produce electricity.
All these costs add up. The Ontario Power Authority reports that the GA for the 12 months to the end of October 2011 exceeded $5.1-billion, or about 30% of total system revenue of about $14.5-billion
Here’s a rough breakdown of the key GA electricity price add-ons:
Non-utility generation (NUG) Private companies that hold long-term contracts to provide power to the system (hydro, gas, biomass). Many of these are money-losing legacy contracts that the province is obligated to honour and are held by an off-balance-sheet operation called the Ontario Electricity Finance Corp. Total NUG payments: $1.06-billion.
Nuclear generation and certain hydro power Nuclear plants are guaranteed an average 5.58$, and receive the bulk of this GA payment of $1.28-billion.
Renewable energy Payment of special 13.5¢ and 80¢ feed-in tariffs for wind and solar, plus the cost of paying standby gas plants to not produce electricity, accounts for the largest portion of the Global Adjustment: $2.8-billion.
The power sold for export fetched only 3.38¢ per kWh over the past 10 months, which means Ontario ratepayers picked up 3.62¢ to cover the GA costs for wind, solar, nuclear and other electricity sources. In effect, the $375.3-million in revenue generated selling “surplus” electricity cost ratepayers another $420-million (11,100,000 MWh times the average GA). Put another way, ratepayers in Ontario paid 3.8¢ per kWh so out-of-province electricity buyers would take our surplus power.
The benefit is no benefit. If the exported electricity (equal to about 25% of total Ontario residential demand) had not been produced and sold, ratepayers would have saved $420-million. How can the ministry claim selling our surplus power at a subsidized cost per kWh of 3.8¢ helps to “Keep costs down for families”?"

'Keep costs down'?!

Jimmy'n Kimmy laugh at that!!!

In Niagara, we can bet that the St.Catharines Standard won't be asking their Liberal friends about any of that, let alone report about it!!!

As far as the Liberal friendly press in Niagara goes, why, Ole Jimmy thare's gots nuttin' ta do wid dis stuff: nuttin, ya hear!?!

Yep: Liberals Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor are exporting electricity at a loss, dumping Ontario's over-taxed, expensive power to the United States; forcing Ontarians to subsidize this exported electricity to the tune of a billion dollars since 2006 - all the while pretending that this is all somehow Green and Good!!

...and not a word from Wendy Metcalfe's Standard gang, or Mike Williscraft's Niagara This Week gang, about it!!!

Check Lee Greenberg's Dec.5, 2011 Ottawa Citizen story for what Ontario's auditor Jim McCarter had to say about McGuinty's laughable greenie plans. (funny how this stuff wasn't revealed prior to the Oct. 2011election, eh?!) You can bet that no St.Catharines Standard 'wrong-righter' will ever dare to ask Jim Bradley about his Liberal green scam!!

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R.Bobak said...

It's funny how,in mid-Dec.2011,
Canada has finally mercifully pulled out of Liberal Chretien's ridiculous Kyoto greenscam, and yet, there's been not a single peep about it, as of Dec.16, 2011, from Ontario's Liberal environment minister, the secretive Jim Bradley!!
Where's Bradley - who was Ontario's gung-ho Mr.Kyoto a decade ago - now disappeared?
Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard's gang of Metcalfian self-appointed 'wrong-righters' pursuing their local Liberal MPP, minister Bradley, for his detailed comments on the demise of Kyoto!?