Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Smitherman's secretive Samsung stench still stinks

Well, Ontario's auditor Jim McCarter had a bit to say, amongst other items, about the McGuinty Liberals' spending splurges, as Lee Greenberg wrote:

 "The report says the same lack of analysis in the green energy program overall was evidenced in the signing of a $7-billion deal with a Korean consortium led by Samsung.
“No economic analysis or business case was done to determine whether the agreement with the consortium was economically prudent and cost-effective and neither the Ontario Energy Board nor the OPA was consulted about the agreement,” the report states."

Yeah, read that: "lack of analysis"; "no business case was done"; no consultation with the OEB or OPA - on a 7 billion dollar "deal" which was forced onto Ontario by the politics of GreenFear, peddled by incompetent Liberal hacks such as Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, and Dalton McGuinty, and former loud-mouth Liberal enablers such as Joe Fontana.

Of course, a lot of this despotic GreenStink originated from the piehole of former Liberal deputy premier and Samsung-sweetheart-deal-maker energy minister George Smitherman. See the Nov.1, 2009 Star story where Smitherman was smugly dismissing concerns over his Samsung sweetheat deal - the same concerns which two years later have now become FACT in McCarter's report, and which amply demonstrate the fiasco Smitherman started.

Oh, well... McCarter's report just brings up another set of questions which Wendy Metcalfe's 'wrong-righting' St.Catharines Standard reporters will now carefully make sure they won't ask Jim Bradley about.
In the Dec.6, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, there was - predictably - no interview, no comment, no story at all regarding Jim Bradley's reactions to auditor McCarter's report!! Now, that's some real good 'wrong-righting' by Wendy Metcalfe's Standard!!

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