Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...and in this corner, Ole Dwight 'The Deficit' Duncan!

This article, "New health rule angers premiers" (National Post, Dec.20, 2011), noted some reactions by delegates at the federal-provincial health-transfer-payment talks:

"This is not fair, it is unCanadian," said Manitoba Finance Minister Stan Struthers. "It is not so much creating wealth as it redistributing wealth, and we are redistributing wealth from some of provinces who have a very limited capacity, to some of the richest provinces."
Mr. Struthers called the move "a slap in the face" by Ottawa.

Ahhh, yes: the good ole I'll slap ya in the face cuz you're "Un-Canadian" canard!

Wow: this is the same kind of jingoistic deceptive-nationalistic-rhetoric, the same ole kind of crap which MPP Good Ole Jim Bradley and his smug McGuintyite Liberals used to regularly spew in Ontario! Can the smug socialist rhetoric of "Slippery Slope"; of "Americanization"; of  "Two-tier"; of  "Hidden Agenda"; of "Ole Tommy Douglas is spinning in his grave", be far behind?!?

Status-quo Struthers, the 'Great Re-Distributor', is exactly the kind of obstructive reactionary which former Liberal MP Keith Martin wrote of, who stick their head in the sand while prosletyzing at the crumbling altar of Tommy Douglas.

But socialist Struthers is not alone: Ontario's status-quo-monopolist Liberals - naturally - also were whining:

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, the most outspoken critic of the proposals so far, said the new formula will cost his province $400-million in health funding. "It means less access to quality health care, from sea to sea to sea, in French and English, in Ontario, Quebec and all of these provinces," he said.
"This, in my view, destabilizes the federation to some extent and will make it still more difficult for us to provide the basic services we're required to and at the same time get back to balanced [budgets]."
He took particular issue with how Mr. Flaherty "put the document in front of us and said, 'This is how it is going to be.' And that's just no way to do business."

Wow!! Talk about a hypocritical 'piece of Justin Trudeau'! Duncan reeks of it!!

Duncan, McGuinty, and Bradley shoved a lot of things onto Ontarians, simply telling us 'that's how it's going to be'!! What Liberal hypocrites!

Duncan and his greaseball Liberals FORCED a new health tax onto Ontarians!

Duncan and his single-payer-health-monoply-enforcing Liberals arrogantly DE-LISTED previously-covered health services! Ontario patients had no say!!

They forced the LHIN's onto Ontario!

They forced a Green Energy fiasco onto Ontario!

They forced their secret G-20 law onto Torontonians!

For hypocrite Liberals such as whiny Ole Dunco, that was wthe Liberal way of 'doing business'!

Duncan and his negligent Liberals have "de-stabilized" healthcare in Niagara, forcing cuts and HIP plans onto the NHS, to the point where we've had nearly 40 patients killed this year in two C.diff outbreaks - with no explanation from Duncan 's Liberals why this had happened, seeing as the Liberals had been geting ALL their promised billions already, under the current accord, since 2004.

As the Dec.21, 2011 National Post  pointed out:

"In 2004, when these same provinces agreed to the current funding formula with then-prime minister Paul Martin, it was on the understanding that they would use the 10-year accord to find ways to make health-care funding sustainable. That didn't happen, and now they want another decade to delay making the kind of tough choices needed to sustain medicare, while someone else picks up the tab. But all reasonable people know that the status quo can't last forever."

Yet, Duncan's duplicitous Liberals smugly forced their failing ideological status-quo health monopoly onto Ontarians, spinning yarns that it would last forever.
see reaction from Kelly McParland; from Christine Blizzard

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