Friday, December 16, 2011

The St.Catharines Standard's gift to Liberal MPP Jim Bradley: silence

Funny that the Metcalfian 'wrong-righters' at the St.Catharines Standard haven't yet bothered to interview or even mention their local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley in regards to Canada's move last week in Durban to finally and mercifully get ourselves out of Liberal Jean Chretien's Kyoto GreenScam.

When it comes to the blessed environment, Ontario's blessed Environment Minister Jim Bradley has once again vanished into the Standard's Cone of Convenient Silence.

Keeping Ole Jimmy under wraps, are we, Wendy?! No wrongs to be righted here, Wendy?!

Ole Jimmy James J.J. Bradley was Ontario's smuggest Kyoto-pusher a decade ago; media outlets such as the St.Catharines Standard happily and without much question eagerly parroted and amplified Jim Bradley's Liberal GreenFear climate-change/global-warming economic thuggery.

Now, Bradley's green love child has been aborted, and Ole deadbeat Green Jim has beat it and vanished - conveniently, with no questions or scrutiny from the only major daily in Bradley's own city! The 'planet was in dire peril' the Standard had once loved to pronounce/fear-monger; why isn't the Standard demanding answers now from their local GreenFear god Jim about why he has now Abandoned The Planet; about why he is no longer Preventing Global Doom; about why he didn't personally intervene in Durban to Save the Earth?!

Whaddaya expect from the local Liberal Clarion which, somehow, miraculously, didn't bother to pursue Jim Bradley for his reaction to the Jack Kitts NHS HIP review three years ago;
which didn't bother to interview Bradley about his knowledge of his Liberal's secret G20 law;
which didn't bother to interview Bradley about Niagara's Summer of C.diff Death;
which didn't bother to get Jim Bradley's local response to auditor Jim McCarter's  recent report, or, to environment commissioner Gord Miller's recent report.

What a Christmas, pardon, holiday present from the St.Catharines Standard to their buddy Ole Unca Jim: keeping Good Ole Jim Bradley carefully and lovingly protected from scrutiny, safely wrapped and covered up from questions or controversy!

The double-standard courtesy of the St.Catharines Standard: not just a silent night, but silent years...  the Liberal media gift that keeps on giving.

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