Tuesday, November 29, 2011

McGuinty's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley fails to defend Kyoto Protocol

Further to my previous post...

... why hasn't McGuinty's Liberal Environment Minister, Jim 'Kyodiot' Bradley, publicly appeared defending his Liberal government's shoddy so-called commitments to their beloved Kyoto Protocol??

Where is Ontario's Environment Minister Bradley?!

Gosh: back in 2002, Jim Bradley had us all practically believing that he himself gave birth to Kyoto; well... that...  and that the planet would be destroyed if we didn't heed Bradley's GreenFear edicts.

Why has McGuinty's Environment Minister Jim Bradley now abandoned and forsaken the Environment?

Where are you Jim? The Kyoto Protocol - the fruit of your Liberal loins - is calling for your help!

Where have you disappeared, Jim Bradley, when the 'Planet is in Peril' (as the St.Catharines Standard often propagandized)? Are you waiting for further instructions from David Suzuki, perhaps?

We now have the federal NDP taking over Bradley's job as wackjob greensocialism pushers, as can be seen in Kristy Kirkup's Nov.29, 2011 St.Catharines Standard article, below, which - of course - DOES NOT MENTION JIM BRADLEY!!!!!!

Un-FLICKING BELIEVABLE!! [...Jim who? ...Bradley...?? ...who's that??] Hahahahahahahahahaah

The St.Catharines Standard hasn't bothered to mention Jim Bradley yet, in any story regarding anything about Durban or Kyoto... and Bradley (...oh, did I mention that he's Ontario's Environment Minister?!) is the MPP in their own city!!!!

In her article, Kirkup somehow manages to mention everyone BUT  Jim Bradley - who, after all, had been Ontario's head Kyoto pusher in 2002!!!

So, you'd think someone would interview Ole Jimmy 'bout that!! Oh... yeah... and, by the way... did I mention that Bradley is THE ENVIRONMENT MINISTER OF CANADA'S LARGEST PROVINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet, no one bothers to mention the guy!

The funniest lines of  flabbergastingly pompous outrage reported by Kirkup were from the NDP, who are now actually stealing the Crown Of Smug Climate Outrage from Liberals such as Jim Bradley:

"Kyoto's time has come and gone, according to Canada's environment minister.
Peter Kent said the international Kyoto treaty on climate change is "the past" at an Ottawa press conference Monday, but he wouldn't officially confirm to reporters Canada is pulling out of the agreement.
The minister said he plans to work with other countries at a climate summit in Durban, South Africa, to reach a new treaty that would include all major polluters. The summit kicked off Monday, but Kent is set to join the talks next week. Representatives from 190 countries are participating in the conference.
"We're going to Durban to work in common cause with the other parties to the convention to advance a new climate change agreement, binding eventually, which will engage all emitters in both the developed and the developing countries," Kent said.
In 1997, Canada pledged to reduce carbon emissions by 2012 to 6% below 1990 levels. At a climate change summit in Copenhagen in 2009, Canada agreed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 17% by 2020.
Canada, Japan and Russia have already confirmed they will not take on "new commitments" under the Kyoto Protocol. The treaty is the only legally binding agreement that requires reductions on greenhouse gas emissions.
The NDP says "Canadians are flabbergasted to find out the Conservatives want to break our solemn commitment on the Kyoto protocol," and claims the government is abandoning its "legal and moral obligations."
The Opposition's environment critic admits Kyoto targets are not currently respected but says they are symbolically important.
"The fact that we will be the only country who has signed on and then walked away from it, it's a symbol of cynicism and a symbol of disrespect," said NDP environment critic Megan Leslie.
Leslie said the NDP plans to send a representative to the talks in Durban."

The Dippers are now using the same kind of pious stand-up climate-comedy lines which climate-clown Stephane Dion and his imploding Liberals had once been delivering.

Now the socialists are braying smugly about 'Canadians being flabbergasted', and about abandonment, and about solemn promises, and about climate morality - this is the same kind of climatalarmist GreenFear-garbage which could have just as easily spewed from Liberal Jim Bradley's mouth! It's boilerplate GreenFear bull. It's funny stuff, in its own pathetic way, really.

So why has Liberal MPP Jim Bradley abdicated his obligation to fight for the Glory That Is Kyoto?

Why is McGuinty's Environment Minister shirking his responsibilities, and not defending his Great Green love, that Great Work That Is Kyoto?

Why is it the Dippers - and not Jim Bradley - who will be polluting their way flying to Durban, to Save Mother Earth From Climate Perdition?

When will Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley publicly respond to the Kyoto Protocol issues raised in articles such as:

- Terence Corcoran's "Door already shut on Kyoto"
- Peter Foster's "The left's climate moralism"
- Tasha Kheiriddin's "Just say no to Kyoto" ??

C'mon, there, Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley: stop hiding and reveal yourself for the Liberal Kyoto-hypocrite that you have always been.

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