Monday, November 28, 2011

Isn't Ontario's Liberal Environment Minister Bradley flying to Durban, to Save The Planet?

Further to my previous post...

...why haven't reporters such as Bolichowski - or any of the St.Catharines Standard's Metcalfian gaggle of self-appointed 'wrong-righters' - asked their local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley [...when they had the chance to...] whether or not Bradley will be flying to Durban this week for the annual UN GreenFear IPCC climate orgy? After all, Jim Bradley is  McGuinty's Environment Minister!

Have we forgotten about the times, back in 2009, when:
- Bradley's Liberal leader, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, was spinning his Liberal climate-fear lies;
-when McGuinty was attacking Canada's federal gov't;
-when McGuinty was sending Liberal climate-fear agents such as eco-tax-fiasco goof  John Gerretsen abroad to foment climate fear Kyodiotism, with the partisan intent to cause dissention and international embarrassment to Canada;
-when McGuinty was saying things like...

“I think it was a missed opportunity for us as a people, as a species, frankly” and “I think we failed to find a way to come together, and in a sincere and determined fashion come to grips with a global threat: climate change.”

... with a straight face?!!

We should remember the predictable and obligatory climate change / global warming GreenFear that was eagerly spread around Niagara by greenie propagandists at the St.Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week, often conveniently timed prior to the exotic GreenFear orgies which the UN or Rajendra Pachauri's (...note: fast forward to the Pachuari disaster...) climate cabalistas were hosting. Ahhhh... those good ole days... when Jim Bradley's Liberals, strutting not just around Ontario, but on the world stage, were able to get away with trumpeting their half-cocked climate non-truths, conveniently without question, with the fawning press gladly eating it up!

Gosh: now, in Nov.2011, we have Ontario's chief global warming propagandist - Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - installed as Ontario's redux Environment Minister, so, why hasn't any Standard reporter bothered to ask Ole Jimmy about whether Ole Jimmy's gonna grace Durban's climate stage, and be lauded and feted with all the pomp and circumstantial-evidence which the forces of  Global GreenFear can muster?!?

Isn't "climate change" (whatever that means - or ever meant - to Bradley's and McGuinty's unique Liberal sub-species) still a "global threat", as they had previously claimed??!!

If so, then WHY ISN'T LIBERAL PREMIER DALTON McGUINTY HIMSELF flying to Durban to fight for Jim Bradley's oh-so-beloved Kyoto Protocol??

Why aren't Ontario's climate-change GreenFear-peddling Liberals McGuinty or Bradley jetting off to Durban to 'Save The Planet', as surely David Suzuki must have wanted them to do?!

Why isn't the St.Catharines Standard now issuing the clarion call, demanding that Jim Bradley immediately attend the COP17 Climate Charade Fest, in order to 'Save The Planet'?

Where is the outrage from the Standard, at how Jim Bradley's and Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have Forsaken Mother Earth?

Where's all that promised 'wrong-righting' from Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard?! [...or did she actually mean to say 'Jim Bradley Liberal-butt-protecting'...?]

Doesn't Jim Bradley care about The Planet anymore?!? Aren't Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuiity betraying humanity?!

It's amazing how the same media which trumpeted and bullhorned the doomsday climate deceptions peddled by the likes of Jim Bradley, still can't find the time to question and scrutinize Jim Bradley's discredited GreenFear deceptions - or examine their own hypocritical complicity in willingly spreading the GreenFear.

Ooooops... well... let's just forget about all those climate change / global warming GreenFear articles we've written over the years, championing without question the green bolshevism from the likes of Jim Bradley, Al Gore, and the IPCC!!!

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