Thursday, November 10, 2011

... and here we thought the hospital ER's in Fort Erie and Port Colborne were closed!

Nice to see the St.Catharines Standard can't even bring itself to accurately report who appointed the NHS's hospital Supervisor, Kevin Smith.
The Standard's Grant Lafleche in his Nov.10, 2011 front page story wrote of "the NHS's Queen's Park-appointed supervisor Kevin Smith" - as if  Liberal health minister Deb Matthews HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH APPOINTING KEVIN SMITH!!
Yah: "Queen's Park" appointed the guy!!!! ...Blame those two maple trees over there - and that one, that sneaky chestnut: they did it!...
Oh, and, get this: we are now being admonished for thinking that the hospital emergency rooms in Fort Erie and Port Colborne were "closed", when they were simply "repurposed"!! Did you get that nice piece of spin ?!?
We are now told that it was "misinformation" and dastardly "political rhetoric" which led us astray, to foolishly mis-perceive that Liberal-forced "restructuring" closed two Niagara ER's; we are supposed to now believe that they WEREN'T closed, depending on what "closed" means, that is...
Look who's spouting the rhetoric!
So now, an Urgent Care Centre = Emergency Room/ Emergency Department to the bait-and-switch Liberal monopolists?
Lafleche, naturally, couldn't be bothered to report that this "restructuring" was called the HIP - and that the HIP was forced upon the NHS by, and approved for implementation by, McGuinty's Liberals, through George Smitherman and his LHIN. To whose "political advantage" is it for the Standard to deliberately omit that?!!
Yep: Fort Erie's ER was NOT "closed" - and apparently, then, Port Colborne's ER is still "open" as well - they never were "closed" (we dummies just mistakenly thought so..!); they've been open since the Liberals closed them, doncha know!!
The 'reputation of the NHS is damaged' - yet, amazingly, the reputation of the Liberals who FLICKED it up, is beyond reproach.
So there ya go: there's no need to interview Niagara's Liberal hacks Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about any of Terry Flynn's report... and dutifully, that's exactly what the Standard did.
...and that's exactly what the St.Catharines Standard did again the next day, on Nov.11, 2011: carried another story regarding Terry Flynn's NHS report, a story which miraculously did not contain a single mention of, or reaction from, Liberal hacks Kim Craitor, Jim Bradley, or Deb Matthews!
Now, that's some kind o' wrong-rightin' by Wendy Metcalfe's Liberal Shoeshine Club!


Kartik in Ottawa said...

- LHINs are an overexpensive piece of red tape...

Kartik in Ottawa said...

LHINs are a disaster - there're many more stories of cancer patients being told to wait for life saving treatment - many often die...