Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jim Bradley's Bollywood Blowout Bash

Remember when Liberal MPP Jim Bradley was lecturing us that  government spending has its limits, when it came to his government's paying for the increased ambulance costs in Niagara, due to Bradley's and Kim Craitor's own Liberal HIP being forced onto the NHS?

Yep, Good Ole Jim Bradley was playing coy and aloof about that, sternly telling us how Ontario (under a disastrous two-term Liberal majority government, btw..!) was in a $25 billion deficit!!

You do remember that, eh?! You do remember how smug that Liberal scumbag Bradley had been?!

So: when will readers of the St.Catharines Standard see any interviews with, or scrutiny of, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about this precious bit of vote-buying?

When will Wendy Metcalfe's wrong-righters and journo-comedy-duos ask Liberal Jim Bradley how his Liberals managed to pull some 12 million dollars out of their butts for their Bollywood Bash Blowout?!

Will anyone from the St.Catharines Standard's (or Niagara This Week's) Bradley Asskisser Club ever ask Jim Bradley to explain this monumental waste of tax dollars - especially since Ole Jimmy had been lecturing Niagarans earlier about how f*cking broke McGuinty-run Ontario was (...and still is)?

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