Monday, November 21, 2011

It's a 'proven fact': the TD Bank wants more Green

There was a nice bit of global warming GreenFear-mongering revealed in the National Post's Nov.17, 2011 story "Insurers link hikes to climate", where the TD Bank's chief insurance underwriter Henry Blumenthal claimed that "Not only do we {TD Bank} believe {in global warming}, it's a proven fact". The Post report didn't specify whether Blumenthal provided any specific studies to verify his Corporate GreenFear - the whole point of which is to justify, somehow, the raising of insurance rates; using GreenFear to make more profitable greenbacks.

Will Ontario's Liberal Consumer Minister be investigating the claims of this TD Bank official, to determine that this isn't just another corporate green-washing scheme designed to rip off TD Bank's customers?

Will Ontario's Liberal Environment minister (and David Suzuki's enviro-errand boy) Jim Bradley bother to publicly challenge and to demand seeing Blumenthal's scientific basis for TD's green-smokescreen "proven-fact" tactics - seeing as Liberal Jim Bradley himself  hasn't provided any scientific basis for his Liberal global-warming/climate-change activism - and Bradley's been peddling the same greenshevism for several decades?!

Blumenthal's corporate green claims must be music to Jim Bradley's ears. (Let's not forget that back in 2008, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, acting as Ontario's Transportation Minister, no less, actually blamed climate change for causing rust !!)

If Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley, on behalf of all Ontarians, doesn't publicly question and challenge Blumenthal's fearsome climate claims, then Jim Bradley cannot be trusted to stand up to BIG GREEN.

Let's remember, it was only in 2002 when Jim Bradley was insisting that the costs of meeting Bradley's cultish Liberal-advocated-kyoto-protocol activism would NOT be significant!

Then - before-ClimateGate  - we had (in the Oct.9, 2009 Globe and Mail) Don Drummond (another TD Bank chief) commission a study which told us that Ottawa would likely have to impose some 72 billion dollars worth of emissions taxes in order to satisfy the demands of Jim Bradley and BIG GREEN.

Lawrence Solomon wrote a good response to this green climate-insurance sabre-rattling in "The insurance industry has been behind the global-warming fraud since the 1970's" (National Post, Nov.19, 2011)

Why isn't anyone examining which kind of political climate "fraud" Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has been peddling for years?

The Bradley Fan Clubs at the St.Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week sure aren't.
...oh, by the way... TD Bank CEO Ed Clark announced on Dec.1, 2011 that the TD Bank's 2011 4th quarter profit was up 58% to $1.59 Billion!!

Isn't that nice, eh, Henry?!

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