Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley defrauded Ontarians with his climate change alarmism

Just a month ago - before Climategate, before the CRU... um... "lost" its data - Robin Boys wrote in "Climate confusion" , (National Post, Oct.3, 2009, here):

"Re: Climate policy bust, Peter Foster, Sept. 30.
Between the claims made in Peter Foster's article that the original basis behind the man-made global warming theory was flimsy at best, recent revelations that scientific papers supporting the theory used fraudulently manipulated data, and statements from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon that "unless we act, we will see catastrophic consequences," is it any wonder that the average citizen has no idea where the truth in this issue lies? Add to that claims by such people as Al Gore and David Suzuki that the "science is settled" and that there is "consensus" amongst the scientific community in the absence of any comprehensive survey combined with what appears to be a substantial number of scientists now expressing reservations with the theory, how can the public have confidence that the actions being proposed by governments are reasonable?

Various levels of government in Canada are now spending billions of dollars and proposing programs that will eventually have a multi-trillion dollar impact on our economy on a theory whose basis has little visibility and virtually no meaningful public airing or debate. Canada should not entirely rely on the IPCC, a UN organization whose motives have been claimed to have become politicized and which has little Canadian involvement.

Given the stakes, Ottawa needs to establish its own mechanism to openly and independently evaluate the issue of man-made global warming. Also, in order to avoid dependence on unreliable sources of data (as pointed out by Mr. Foster), Canada should establish its own independent system of monitoring climate change."
Now, just a month after that letter, due to the recent emergence of Climategate, we see Michael 'hockey stick' Mann's assertions being investigated at Penn State; we see Al Gore cancelling some of his climate propaganda sessions [see You-tube video here where Al Gore's goons suppress people from asking him questions about his climate claims]; we see the head of the CRU in East Anglia, Phil Jones, resigning.

Canada also needs to lauch an investigation of our own into the spouters and propagators of climate change fear, such as climate alarmist David Suzuki. Let's look into the ridiculous policies proposed and enacted by the likes of Stephane Dion, and Dalton McGuinty, based on baseless science fiction.

Let's investigate climate-change fraud artists, such as St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, see here, here. This Liberal ass defrauded Ontarians with his climate change bullshit. Let's hear Ontario's secretive former environment minister account for himself.

C'mon, Jim - exactly what was your Kyoto-pushin' evidence in 2002??

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