Thursday, December 31, 2009

Canada's weather is "crazy", but Copenhagen's "solutions" aren't?

Further to my earlier post here, there was another story citing "Environment Canada's chief climatologist" David Phillips, this time counting down Dave's top ten "2009's weather winners", (Christina Spencer, St.Catharines Standard, Dec.31, 2009).
"Climate change" - as anthropogenic global warming - was NOT mentioned in the article at all - but Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips did tell us the weather was "crazy".
'Crazy' eh?!
Love that scientific climatologist lingo - right up there with Phillips' other terms describing weather as a "crapshoot" and a "wildcard".
Phillips was quoted saying that the number one weather story in Canada was "the summer of discontent...thirty-three million Canadians were cursing the weather during the summer."
So what?! This is just more glib Phillips locquaciousness, meaning very little.
"Discontent"?! Seriously?!
All "thirty three million Canadians" were discontented with the weather?! Really, 'Crazy' Dave?
The report states "Depending on where you were in Canada, it was either "too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, too stormy" Phillips said.
'Depending on where you were'?!? Has that not ALWAYS been the case, Dave, in Canada, or ANYWHERE ELSE on the planet???!
Phillips cited that for nine months there was a "MINI ICE AGE" (!!) in the Prairies - which ominously SUDDENLY ENDED!!
Oh my! (Could we have STOPPED THAT by grovelling before the Copenhagen Greensheviks? Do tell us, Dave!)
We had "gully washers" and tornadoes and fires and cold and floods and drought and "hailers" and windstorms... oh my! Never seen that before in Canada.
Strangely, Dave Phillips - Canada's senior climatologist! - didn't say/wasn't asked what the 'number one climate story' in Canada was, though (ClimateGate?); and whether his weather factoids had anything to do with know... MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING?!

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