Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Queen Mary school demolished

Below: a series of photos of Queen Mary School in St.Catharines, Ont. as it was being demolished, taken by R. Bobak on Dec.6, 2009. above: the gym was the building at the right. This view looks from the north.
above: the gym, looking from the south
above: the west corner of the gym; the rear of the Q-Way Motel (also to be demolished soon) is seen in the left distance.

above: The crowned "Queen Mary Royals" logo sits forlornly on the north wall of the half-demolished gym.
above: closer view of the Royals logo amidst the debris.
above: a lion once roared on the southern side of the Queen Mary School's gym
above: looking north at the Queen Mary site from the school's main drive. The gym is at the left of the photo; the school's collection of buildings had stretched all the way to the right. Photos above taken Dec.6, 2009 by R. Bobak
Below: last video on a rainy Dec.9, 2009, as the demolition of Queen Mary School in St.Catharines, Ont., reached the last remaining wall, which had been the west wall of the gymnasium building.

above video: Queen Mary demolition as seen Dec.6, 2009

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