Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 5% solution

Here's a bit from smarm-bag innuendo-master Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, the lying Liberal Dalton Sales Tax pusher, from the Dec.9, 2009 Queen's Park Question Period:

"Hon. Dwight Duncan: The Leader of the Opposition likes to quote a journalist who also believes in privatized health care. Is that your view as well? He likes to quote a journalist who believes in privatizing education. Is that your agenda? He likes to quote an economist who doesn't believe global warming is real. Is that your agenda as well? The Leader of the Opposition has no plan. He has no idea where to take this province.
Premier McGuinty has laid out a plan, a principle-based plan, that will improve incomes, improve job growth and help rebuild this province as we come out of the worst global downturn in many years. Premier McGuinty has laid out the plan. Mr. Hudak and his renegade band who seized the Legislature offer no ideas, no hope, no future. They're about the past. They're about privatization of health care and education. We fundamentally disagree with them, and I believe..."
Premier McGuinty is an unprincipled flicking liar, as is Ole Dunco.
Does Good Ole Dunco believe in... um... "global warming", you know, the way his BS-spouting Liberal colleague Jim Bradley believes in "global warming"?!
What are the sources of whatever it is which these Liberals deem to be "global warming"?Dunco's bankrupt Liberals have NO VISION for Ontario, except for MORE demagoguery and MORE debt.
Duncan's Liberal health care monopolists have cut health care, delisted previous coverage, and raised unprecedented amounts of new taxes. The ombudsman and auditor have found severe problems within McGuinty's Liberal-run health monopoly in Ontario. Patients from Duncan's own riding are exported to the States for emergency care which Duncan's Liberal health-monopolist hypocrites fail to provide at home.
Dwight Duncan should be ashamed of his Liberals' role (here) in crippling Ontario's health care system, when he trots out his smug, dismissive, duplicitous, fear-mongering rhetoric - precisely demonstrating exactly the kind of head-in-the-sand, debate-stifling bluster which Keith Martin wrote about here.
Duncan's stifling debate on all kinds of fronts - a typical authoritarian, arrogant, unaccountable
Now that McGuinty, Duncan, Bradley, and the rest of Ontario's ruling majority Liberal Liars have rammed through their new sales tax, the next election should be about LOWERING this tax to 5%.

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