Sunday, December 6, 2009

Green Lizzie, Copenhagen succubus

The St.Catharines Standard continued its climate change GreenFear propaganda fear campaign in Niagara, just the way Ban Ka Boom and Al Whore wanted them to: above: the Pre-Copenhaganist St.Catharines Standard, Dec.5, 2009, goes all out with Coloured Graphs and All Kinds Of Arrows to goad us into thinking that this Green bolshevik pile of shite actually means anything.
The End Of The World is Nigh ...
We are on the road to "PERDITION"... scream the climate-change-fear-mongerers at the St.Catharines Standard!!!

...But there still is time for "REDEMPTION" promise the Climate priests: just pray to Gaia, aka Al Gore, and you'll be rewarded with Heaven on Earth!! Al and Barack and David Suzuki will save you!!

Bend over, so Al Gore, Stephane Dion, Jim Bradley, Jack Layton, and Elizabeth May can have their way with you!

On Dec.7, 2009, look who popped/pooped up in the St.Catharines Standard (no... it wasn't good ole Jim Bradley, strangely), it was good ole Copenfu*ker Green Lizzie May, continuing her climate fearmongering in the St.Catharines Standard with this (unchallenged) doozie:

"After 17 years of further meetings and negotiations (including the 1997 meeting in Kyoto and the protocol produced there) we are rapidly approaching the danger zone. We are already experiencing the loss of millions of square kilometres of Arctic ice, the retreat of glaciers around the world, persistent drought in much of the world, unprecedented shifts in rainfall patterns and sea level rise."

Oh, dear... Elizabeth may just be a climate succubus.

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