Sunday, December 6, 2009

McGuinty Liberals to cut 39 continuing-care beds and 40 staff in Niagara

Paul Forsyth reported in "NHS closing complex continuing care beds" (Niagara This Week, Dec.2, 2009) that the NHS was closing 39 CCC beds and cutting 40 staffing positions.

Nowhere in this story did Niagara This Week's reporter Forsyth mention the role played by Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government in these health care cuts and closures.

Bed closures?

What bed closures?!

We can't associate McGuinty Liberals with presiding over health care bed closures, can we?! Liberal health minister Deb Matthews had nothing to do with any this - right?!

Oh, and don't bother asking what the role of the local Liberal-created LHIN was in these closures!! Why would you need to know that? McGuinty's LHIN had nothin' to do with forcing the NHS into these cuts - right?!!

Wasn't it McGuinty's, Bradley's and Craitor's Liberal LHIN which not only instigated, but also approved, these cuts?? Umm, well, yeahhh... of course they did - but let's not dwell on these little details!!

Strangely, it's as if McGuinty, Kim Craitor, or Jim Bradley, have nothing at all to do with any of this! Why, it's not even worth bothering to mention them in this context, is it?! After all: it's always the NHS's fault, ain't it?! They're to blame. They're the ones that came up with this kooky bed-closure idea, all on their own!! Good grief... McGuinty had nothin' to do with any health care cuts - right?! There are no Liberal fingerprints on this further health care reduction right in Niagara - are there!? Wow.

Maybe Mike Williscraft's bunch at Niagara This Week could try writing about that other rarely-mentioned 'CCC' - the Continuous Cuts and Cover-ups of the crap-laden McGuinty Liberal government.

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