Sunday, December 13, 2009

Copenhagen's Greenshevik Shakedown

Hey lookie: the secularists at the Toronto Red Socialist Tsar have found a way to wrap their greenshevismTM in religion! This is a precious example of co opting and perverting religion to justify the CopenhaganistTM warmists "bioneering" propaganda - see Stephen Scharper's skewed climatalarmismTM here. It's fun stuff to read; the smug spin is great! This is the similar kind of drumbeat heard from Jane Hanlon, or, from David Miller, the embarrassing scumbag socialist soon-not-to-be-mayor of Toronto, see here, also here.

Funnier yet is the St.Catharines Standard's pre-CopenhaganistTM campaign, unabashedly shilling for the GreenshevikTM climatalarmistsTM, such as their Dec.7, 2009 propaganda piece "UN: Climate talks must deliver", written by John Archer and Anna Ringstrom.

We can't forget the St.Catharines Standard's resident Obama asslick, Lisa Van Dusen, who in her fine Dec.9, 2009 column "Obama's Nobel search for peace", can't tell us what Obama actually did to earn his laughable "prize", yet...

(btw, where's Kanye when you need him, to rush the stage and do his there's-someone-more-deserving-than-YOU shtick when Obama was accepting his 'prize'?!)

... nevertheless pins him up there with Mother Teresa (what an affront to Mother Teresa); Van Dusen also can't seem to understand that climatalarmistTM Al the Whore Gore was not (!) "prescient" but simply an opportunistic hoaxter.

Or how about Lisa Van Dusen's Dec.12, 2009 propaganda piece in the St.Catharines Standard, "Sarah Palin takes on Gore, Newton", another brilliant piece of smarmy GreenshevikTM crap. Funnnnnny that Van Scumbag can't show any evidence of AGW, in the same way that Jane Hanlon can't, or David Suzuki can't, or Barry O can't, or Stephane Dion can't - Van Dusen tries to spin climate change as being the same as AGW. Palin didn't 'take on Newton', as this St.Catharines Standard story purported: Lisa Van Scumbag spun it that way!! Van Scumbag simply took Al Whore's slanted strawman rhetoric as gospel! Y'all, lookit thare: dat pailin's all done been denient dat ther ole garvity done been zistent, hyuck, hyuck, hyuck..... oh, FLICK-off, Van Scumbag!! What a joke. (see also here)

Take the time to compare Van Dusen's GreenshevistTM propaganda in the St.Catharines Standard, to Peter Foster's same-subject, same-day, Dec.12, 2009, National Post column The Goracle speaks on Climategate, here. Comparing the two columns just shows the ridiculously biased propaganda Van Dusen weaves.

More CopenhaganistTM climate-fear-mongering and shakedown propaganda came in the St.Catharines Standard's Dec.11, 2009 issue, in a Reuters feed titled Money could derail talks, this time featuring no less than climate meister George Soros, looking like a NEW WORLD ORDER Bond villain - you just 'give' us... ohh... let's say... $100 billion... well - make it $300 billion... and the climate 'crisis' will be 'solved'... until next year!!

Also interesting was Maurice Vellacott's Dec.12, 2009 National Post column Fear depopulation, not overpopulation, here, in response to a bizarre Dec.8 article by the Post's Dianne Francis advocating that we all follow China's one child policy! WTF?

Francis' conversion to pushing NEW WORLD ORDER despotism reminds me of Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's long held NEW WORLD ORDER despotic beliefs (noted in Tom Spears column “Critical threats to the world’s existence”, Ottawa Citizen, back on Jul.21, 1991) on the supposed evils of overpopulation, see here; here .

We need more GreenFearTM industries - more abortions, more euthanasia; less babies, and less old people - after all, they cost our universal health care system too much, so this is as good a justification as any to have government health control - to SAVE THE PLANET, not to save people!

These pesky people emit Co2 - and Obama's GreenshirtsTM have just deemed Co2 a poison: therefore, it's a matter of time before the green bolsheviks begin to implement their real end game:

if you emit Co2, it's because YOU ARE ALIVE; because you are alive (and therefore emitting Co2) YOU ARE POISONING THE PLANET...

ya see where this is going, don't you...

... and because you are alive and breathing you are now automatically deemed by the government as being a DANGER TO MOTHER EARTH and guilty of ECO-TERRORISM, of plotting to KILL MOTHER NATURE - so, the best way to SAVE THE PLANET is for YOU NOT to be alive anymore.

Problem solved.

Save the planet by killing the people.

Wellll... not all the people... naturally, the GreensheviksTM and their agents, being the well-meaning saviours of MOTHER EARTH, would obviously be more valuable than the other sub-normal (as eugenicist Tommy Douglas put it) human mouth-breathers. [Gaia forbid that the GreenshevikTM climatalarmistsTM should put their money where their mouth is, and lead by example, doing the World a big favour, and themselves commit suicide to SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would prove climate-change exists - right?! And - they'd be HELPING THE PLANET, right?! One less GreenshevikTM a day keeps the icebergs from melting away?! ]

Yep - Peak Population will be the next area of leftist fear-mongering.

Isn't that what Al Whore really wants? Isn't that exactly what the subjects in Scharper's Red Tsar story earlier above want?

The NEW WORLD ORDER will have plenty of Green jobs, devising new crematoria in the NAME OF MOTHER EARTH, and better ways to sterilize male and female reproductive systems. Those fetuses which the GreenshevikTM World Government allows to be born, will be rationed a pre-calculated lifetime C02 emissions-limit along with their birth certificate - which would simultaneously become their pre-determined death certificate as well.

The Green bolsheviks will ration the time you are allowed to dance on Mother Gaia.

Orwell's and Huxley's political fantasies may soon become non-fiction horror documentaries.

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