Monday, December 14, 2009

This holiday, infect someone with Al Gore!

Will there be more GreenshevikTM climate fearmongering garbage spewed at the St.Catharines Standard?
Well: Of Course!
We were treated to a laughable Dec.14, 2009 editorial by a clearly biased Paul Berton, "Climate conference allows us to breath a little easier", who takes as gospel "the noise" from global warming fearmongers such as Al Gore. I guess it depends which "scientific community" Berton shills for, when he claims in this Copenhagen-copout piece, that people are replacing their home windows because of so-called climate change - more specifically AGW: as if this was never done before David Suzuki's climatalarmistsT M began their climate fear campaign! Berton spews tedious, grasping connections, ignoring that his basis of argument, AGW, has not been proven. Berton also trots out the predictable, the usual - well... by now, obligatory! - fearmongering crap about "exponential human population" and "our predilection for excessive consumerism". Berton dismisses, as did Ontario's premier global warming liar, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, those who question the GreenshevikTM pseudo-science-based AGW agenda. Berton and Bradley and Suzuki and Gore can't possibly be the ones causing a dishonest racket with their persistent, ignorant warmism, can they?!
And there was the other St.Catharines Standard GreenFearTM column (Dec.14, 2009, with Tiffany Mayer, of the hilarious "Green Team" climate change propaganda column, which, apparently, is geared for brain-dead average Joe Niagaras), titled "Finding gifts in the right shade of green"!
Oh, my - How Precious!!! The 'right shade of green'! How wonnerful and thoughtful, from these FLICKING Bertonoid consumerists, "doing right by the planet"! Ahh: soooo Cute!!
Mayer, naturally, pays predictable homage to climate change scumbag fear-mongerer Al Gore, shilling his new book, not even questioning its contents. Why bother!? Al Gore is the Font of All Knowledge, the personified Oracle of Truth - Pure and Shining and Good, to AGW-infected-climatalarmistsTM, who are predisposed to gobble up Al Gore's bullshit with relish, regurgitating it to try to infect others as well.
The Standard's so-called environmental column is a bullhorn of recycled bullshit, truly a waste of newsprint. Gosh - the St.Catharines Standard's Green Team GreenFearTM reporter/propagandist couldn't even critically analyze the book she recommends as a gift. She couldn't bring herself to specify whether Gore's book can be found in the science-fiction or in the religion section of your favorite bookshop...
Good Gaia - what is it with you people asking about content and substance all the time?
All ya need to know, Joe, is that an all-caring, all-knowing, all-seeing Al Gore magnanimously wrote his garbage on recycled paper - isn't that enough?!?


Tiffany said...

The Al Gore book was mentioned only as an example of the green books out there. It was not intended to be an endorsement or review but to let people know what to look for if they plan to buy a environmentally-themed book; for example the FSC logo or better yet buying second hand. I don't care if they buy Gore's book or not. If you're going to attack me, at least get your facts right and read the column thoroughly so you understand the intention behind it.

R.Bobak said...

Tiffy, another interesting book, other than Al Gore's bag of greenshevist lies, is Lawrence Solomon's The Deniers, though you couldn't be bothered to mention that, for obvious biased reasons.
You might even bother to read it "THOROUGHLY" yourself, so that you might better see Gore's deceptive intentions, and how green team columns fall into the green propagandist's playbook. Post-Jokenhagen, post-ClimateGate, why don't you at least pretend to try to act as a responsible St.Catharines Standard journalist and provide that fabled Ole Joe Niagara with something more than typical Al Gorist greenie pablum?
Have you scheduled your in-depth sit-down interview with Liberal MPP Jim Bradley yet, where you discuss his Liberal government's years of environmental lies and failures?

Tiffany said...

PS What I write or don't write for the paper has nothing to do with my own school of thought on an issue.