Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cost of Saving Sousa

Further to this CBC story from Nov.9, 2011... 

...let's go back to just two weeks before the Oct. 2011 Ontario election (when McGuinty was spewing his now-trademarked usual pre-election lies); were there any stories in the the Sept.28, 2011  St.Catharines Standard regarding local Liberal Jim Bradley's comments regarding his Liberal government's sudden cancellation of the Mississauga power plant in Liberal Charles Sousa's riding? hahaha! Was the Standard's Metcalfian doctrine of wrong-righting applied here; or was it the same old  Jim Bradley ass-kissing-doctrine as usual?

We've got disastrous Liberal by-the-seat-of-their-pants energy policy, based on underlying Liberal GreenFear climate lies, yet the Metcalfian wrong-righters haven't (conveniently!!!!!) um... been able to ask their Liberal buddy Jim Bradley anything about the millions wasted on his Liberals' latest energy fiasco?!! [All together now: "What's Good Ole Jimmy gots ta do wid it; wid any o' it??"]hahahahah. Yep: can't get Ole Jimmer involved, what with the climate lies and Suzuki ass-kissin' and last-minute politically-convenient plant-cancellation in a bid to to save some local Mississauga grit's ass - this has nuttin' ta do wid' GoldenBoyJimmy!!!

Hey Jimmy: tell us that Liberal story which Liar McGuinty blabbered on about during the televised election-debate - you know, about how those condominiums just suddenly got built - in like, two weeks (!!!) - so, that's why the Liberals cancelled the power plant!! Unbelievable!! Don't ask Jimmy 'bout how much health-care the lawsuits stemming from this latest Liberal fiasco could have provided!! (...and the St.Catharines Standard won't ask!!!!! ... there: done!!)

It's so sadly funny, it's FLICKING pathetic.

This Liberal piece of crap McGuinty was lying to Ontarians, right there in full view, at the televised debate -  and the sob actually believes his own lying stories!! Is this Liberal snake incompetent or a psycho?

And a lot of JimmyBoyFanClub sycophants just look the other way.

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R.Bobak said...

...and in a sickening irony (which is par for the course with Ontario's disgusting Liberals)Charles Sousa has now been named ONTARIO'S NEW FINANCE MINISTER by Ontario's newly-appointed premier, Kathleen Wynne!! Yep: Ole Chuckie Sousa - the beneficiary of the Ontario Liberal Party's misuse of public funds to buy themselves an election with their scandalous gas-plant manipulations - will now be running Ontario's finances!! Orwell couldn't come up with this shit.