Sunday, November 6, 2011

NHS Supervisor Kevin Smith fails to acknowledge Liberal role in creation of the HIP

The Niagara Health System's Liberal-appointed Supervisor Kevin Smith is really starting to sound annoyingly like a government apologist hack.

In his Nov.5, 2011 St.Catharines Standard letter to the editor, Smith disingenuously refers to the HIP as the "Niagara Health System's Hospital Improvement Plan", yet, Smith's politically-correct statement is far from the truth.

The NHS did not come up with this HIP all on its own, Kev.

The HIP belongs to the Liberal government, Kev - y'know: the same McGuintyite monopolists who hired ya. The Liberals created the HIP, Kev.

The Liberals demanded the HIP, and they approved the HIP, Kev.

Three successive Liberal health ministers, in fact, were quite happy with the HIP, and did nothing to stop it, Kev.

The HIP - which you, Kev, coyly emphasize was 'the NHS's' - was forced upon the NHS by McGuinty's disastrous Liberal health minister George Smitherman.

The NHS was forced to create the HIP, we were told, so that Smitherman's Liberals could save money, Kev.

The Smitherman-created LHIN had the final word on approving or cancelling the HIP, Kev, when it was still only a proposal; the Smitherman-created LHIN then went on to approve the HIP, Kev... yes, the Liberal-created LHIN approved the same HIP which they had forced the NHS to come up with!

Kevin Smith now says he 'regrets he has been less than clear' regarding his seeming-reluctance to revisit the HIP (a reluctance which seemed quite clear earlier: that he wasn't interested in revisiting the HIP!!)

Kevin Smith should stop with his weaselly let's-not-look-into-the -past  BS and his "Canadian Way" rhetoric.

Smith must plainly acknowledge that the Niagara HIP was the work of his employers, the McGuinty Liberals.

The HIP was created by the Liberal party of Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley.

The 'NHS's HIP' was initiated by and approved by Kim Craitor's and Jim Bradley's Liberal government.

The 'NHS's HIP' is the Liberal's HIP, Kev. Why don't the Kevin Smiths and the Kim Craitors and the Jim Diodatis get that?! (!!!)

Kevin Smith must publicly demonstrate that he fully understands that the HIP was a Liberal-government-initiated political undertaking, not a NHS-originated medical undertaking.

If Kevin Smith cannot or will not acknowledge this fact, then everything he is doing here in Niagara will be suspect.

Kevin Smith is that close to now himself becoming a part of the monopolist health-care problem.

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