Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jim 'Liberal Douchebag' Bradley

There was a nice, smug quote from Liberal scumbag MPP Jim Bradley in the Nov.26, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, where Douchebag Jim tells us that the new HST tax which his Liberals chose to impose on home-heating-fuel consumers "would cost the Treasury some $350 million".

Isn't that funny, how kyodiot Bradley now spins this?!

It's NOT "costing the Treasury", Jim, you lying Liberal scumbag: it's costing us, the people who use fuel to heat our homes!! We are paying 350 million dollars MORE for fuel - because of YOUR Suzukiite greenshevik energy rip-offs!!

Did reporter Jeff Bolichowski bother to look back, oh... say... over the last four years, to see whether MPP Jim Douchebag Bradley had ever once told Ontarians the real burden which Bradley's Liberal tax-rapists would place on us with their endless new tax-gouging schemes?

Bradley never once mentioned that he and his Liberal red bolsheviks would be gouging Ontarians to the tune of $350 million on heating! Bradley's lying Liberals were telling us that their Liberal taxes were going to be 'revenue neutral' - remember that McGuinty Liberal lie?!

Of, course, since Bradley's Liberals have to now pay back their union 'family' buddies for their 'coalition smear support' before the election, Jimmy's not bothering to find ways to save costs within his Liberal bloat: Jimmy's happy just taxing and spending!!

{Of couse, reporter Bolichowski didn't bother to ask Jimmy 'bout any o' that!! hahaha  Ahh, yes... the St.Catharines Standard: 'righting all those Metcalfian wrongs'... except that whenever it's about Jim Bradley, there NEVER ARE any wrongs!!! hahahah}

And to top it off,  Disgusting Douchebag Jim then goes ahead and  links his Liberal tax gouge to health care!

Yep: healthcare-monopoly-enforcer Jim Bradley is now using veiled threats about health-care to justify keeping his tax-gouging energy policies in place!

As Bolichowski writes, removing the energy tax ""...means there's less revenue to go around" Bradley said, singling out health care as an area that could suffer".

So there you are:
Liberal scumbag healthcare-monopolist Jim Bradley is now threatening us with his healthcare fearmongering, if we don't play along with his Liberal tax-rape game.

Apparently, the HST is also a Bradley Health Tax in disguise.

Jim Bradley: definitely Niagara's Disgusting Douchebag.

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