Tuesday, November 8, 2011

...and where's that St.Catharines Standard interview with Jim Bradley??

Spare us... now the St.Catharines Standard has trotted out a new journo-comedy act duo of Lafleche and Fraser to... oh, I dunno... looks like to fill the Standard's front page with pointless crap, the point of which is to take our focus away from the miserable failings of McGuinty's Liberal government, and away from its local hacks Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor! ... and here we thought the greenjoker team of Mayer and VanDongen were useless.
Hey: maybe Lafleche can dress up in a superwoman costume, get himself a sword - no, make that a baseball bat... ah, heck, even a plain two-by-four will suffice Grant - and go "visit" Jim Bradley at home for a surprise... um... "interview" early some morning!!
Gosh golly - wouldn't that be soooo funnneee?!
Maybe Fraser can get the CBC to film it, while Warren Kinsella - the Sun Media "Bolshevik-in-chief" - narrates!
So cool! Oh yeah: Metcalfe's wrongs would be sooo righted!!
Btw, didn't y'all love Kinsella's column in the Nov.7, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, where Kinsella stated he thinks that all Liberals - including himself, strangely enough - are "knuckle-dragging red-necked mouth-breathers"?! That was very insightful, coming from Warren... except for the mouth-breathing part, where Kinsella gives himself way too much credit.
Oh, and did you see that there was another splendid editorial cartoon by QMI's Dewar in the Nov.7, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, showing McGuinty, the King of Ontario, dressed in his Liberal red ermine-trimmed robes, with a cackling Dwight Duncan waddling beside him - patting each other on the back, oblivious to the job losses which their policies have wrought upon Ontario - ignoring a person off to the side holding a sign saying "I need a job"? What pamphleteering  a great, competely non-partisan, political statement by Dewar!!!
Gosh... so many wrongs being righted here by Metcalfe's Standard... so many..!

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