Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can Niagara trust the NHS's new Liberal-appointed hospital Supervisor?

The Sept.10, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story "Hospital Improvement Plan review gets a new direction" reported that the phony HIP review (by that Soviet-sounding Tripartite Committee, proposed earlier by Deb Matthews, and eagerly cheered for by Niagara's municipal Liberals) is suddenly being cancelled, apparently to be merged somehow with Liberal-appointed NHS Supervisor Kevin Smith's review of the NHS.

Municipal Liberals - such as ya-fooled-me-once, you-can-fool-me again, please Vance Badawey, barked long and hard for a NHS review, yet caved in to Smith the first chance they got.

Too bad that no-one - including Smith - is bothering to investigate the role of  the Liberal-created LHIN, which both demanded and approved the NHS's HIP!!! Oooops... can't talk about that!! Might lead to questions about George Smitherman and McGuintry's Liberal cabinet!!

Of course, no-one's asking any Liberal to explain where their promised province-wide LHIN review has disappeared; you know, the one which Liberal liars McGuinty and Smitherman said would regularly occur, when they first came up with their puppet-LHIN's?

You can bet Supervisor Smith isn't going to ask about that - Smith reports to the LHIN; to the Liberal government!!

Smith's only been around the NHS officially about a week, yet he has already concluded that "the illness is trust" of the NHS. No word from Smith about whether the illness might be a distrust of the Liberal lying majority government - to whom he reports.

Smith also gives us a lecture that "I believe in the Canadian Way, and that is compromise."...

 ...(reporter Shawn Jeffords wasn't clear in the story whose capital "W" that was - his or Smith's; is there a specific "Canadian Way" which Smith adheres to, or are we just supposed to nod in respectful agreement and pretend to know what this "Way" is? Is this the Tommy Douglas Way of socialist "compromise", ie my way, or no way at all?)...

... telling us that "With one exception, we never, ever, ever compromise on high-quality care for patients"

With all due respect, Mr. Smith, maybe you can save your rhetoric, which is already sounding suspiciously like typical boiler-plate Liberal political hogwash; maybe we should let a criminal court decide on behalf of patients what the exact definition of "high quality care" is; and how McGuinty's Liberals "compromised" Niagara's patients and hid from their obligations as self-appointed single-payer managers of their health monopoly.

Kevin Smith also is already telling us not to expect any new NHS health care funding, and, that any changes will have to be taken from other areas within the NHS - which is exactly what the former NHS board had been forced to deal with for years, due to the Liberals'-pre-rationed funding!  Smith is now strangely echoing seven years' worth of previous Liberal duplicity, sounding pretty much EXACTLY like George Smitherman, David Caplan, or Deb Matthews! And this is what Niagara's happy municipal Liberals such as Badawey wanted from Smith?!

But when Smith finally says "If we want to spend more in one place, we have to spend less in another",  he is now crossing the line: THIS IS NOT SMITH'S CALL TO MAKE.

THIS IS A POLITICAL STATEMENT, totally out of Smith's purview as an administrative Supervisor.

SMITH'S STATEMENT SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED as fact; it is fear-mongering.

By saying this, Smith is acting as a despotic single-payer MONOPOLY apologist; as a spokesman, not for the patients, but for the Liberal government.

Kevin Smith was NOT elected, and is simply a civil servant appointee - but one who already, unfortunately, seems to be operating as a government agent.

I want to hear Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Jim Craitor repeat and confirm what their newly appointed supervisor has said. Who will dare ask health care monopolists Jimmy'N'Kimmy to confirm that their Liberal health monopoly - which they fund and control - must continue to spend less? Let them explain why they cut and ration health-care in their monopoly, yet, don't allow Ontario citizens to arrange for their own private health-care?

Will the St.Catharines Standard's Shawn Jeffords or Wendy Metcalfe be contacting Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, asking them why they have abdicated their political responsibilities to their NHS appointee?

This is really starting to stink - already - and I'm fearful that, despite earlier high hopes, Smith is just a convenient Liberal shill.

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