Saturday, September 3, 2011

Niagara Falls misspells new Crysler Ave. street sign

How long do you think it will take for Niagara Falls, Ontario mayor Jim Diodati to realize his own city has misspelled Crysler Ave.? It's bad enough that Diodati's Liberal buddy Kim Craitor thinks Canada has 12 provinces, does Diodati even know who 'Monty' Crysler was?!
C'mon, there, Jimmy: stop BS-ing us with your global warming fear, your pro-monopolist, anti-NHS/pro-Liberal LHIN disinformation, and try to pay attention to simple municipal items, like knowing the proper names of the streets which  are located four blocks from your city hall office.
above: looking at the new streetsigns which were installed this week along Queen St. in Niagara Falls, Ont.; this one is crossing Queen St. at Crysler Ave. The sign is misspelled as "Chrysler Ave."
above: during the Blizzard of 1977; a photo of Queen St., looking east towards Crysler Ave. from St.Lawrence Ave. At the far right is a corner of the marquee of the former Seneca movie theatre. Photo from the Niagara Falls Library.
above: Feb.2, 2010 - same view; Crysler Ave. crosses where the red building (the old F.C. Burroughes Furniture store) is seen at the center-right.
above: Mar.5, 2010 - same view; Queen St, underwent a lot of re-construction in 2010 - in this photo, Queen St. is seen closed east of Crysler Ave. while work crews dig and install new sewers.
above: Jul.30, 2010 - same view, as hundreds of motorcycles line both sides of Queen St.
above: Sept.3, 2011 - same view - new streetsigns are seen crossing over Queen St. into the distance. The misspelled "Chrysler Ave." sign is the one closest to the camera.
below: May 4, 2010 - looking west along Queen St. from Crysler Ave.; the street is closed due to the construction seen in the distance, at Queen and St.Lawrence. Note the current concrete lampposts.

above: Aug.31, 2011 - at the same corner of Crysler Ave. and Queen St.; the new streetsign is being craned into place on new steel posts. The nameplate is not on yet.
below: Mar.1, 2011 - looking west along Queen St., standing just east of Erie Ave. Note that two of these signs are seen installed along the street; the closest one is at Erie Ave., the other one further back at Ontario Ave. These signs were put up, and then taken down several weeks later. It looks as if at first these signs were installed by inserting the steel ends of the arch onto regular cement streetposts; afterwards, these signs were installed onto steel posts, which were bolted to new concrete bases. (see here for earlier views of same corner)

above: July 21, 2011 - looking at Queen St. and Ontario Ave., the first sign which had been here previously has now been removed; at the left and right near the sidewalks can be seen the excavations for the new concrete pads.
below: July 21, 2011, at the NW corner of Queen St.and St.Clair Ave. - the depth of the concrete footings for the new signposts can be seen here, where only a worker's head is visible while he's standing inside the hole. The building at the back was the old Wallace's Dry Goods store.

above: Aug.23, 2011 -  here's the newer replacement sign which crosses Queen St. at Erie Ave.; now it is attached to steel posts instead of to the previous concrete lamp-posts. The building at the right is the former Bank of Hamilton. Note the corner convenience store, which had been on the ground floor of the former bank, has recently closed.


R.Bobak said...

Diodati's gone to China during mid-September, how nice! I'm sure Al Gore, David Suzuki, and Jim Bradley have already calculated the destructive carbon-footprint of Diodati's trip, and will soon publicly reveal how Diodati is destroying Mother Earth and personally causing Climate Change...
What kyodiot hypocrites.

R.Bobak said...

Dan Dakin, in the Mar.30, 2012 St.Catharines Standard, also spelled 'Crysler' incorrectly, adding that unneeded H.