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The St.Catharines Standard's phony calls for change

What self-boasting the St.Catharines Standard's managing editor Wendy Metcalfe spun in her Sept.9, 2011 article.

She boasts about how the Standard "will campaign on behalf of the community. There are issues faced on a daily basis that are calling out for change. We pride ourselves in having an eye for injustice. We are determined to right the wrongs on your behalf."... oh, please!!

This from the local rag which does nothing but trumpet for the status-quo - in particularly, their Golden Boy Liberal Jimmy Bradley's status-quo! Hasn't the St.Catharines Standard already been campaigning for Liberal Jim Bradley - in their own slick way - for decades?!

Where's the 'justice' in the St.Catharines Standard constantly avoiding the mere mention of Liberal Jim Bradley, in any connection whatsoever to issues which are within provincial jurisdiction?

Metcalfe's rag - aka the St.Catharines Double-Standard, the St.Catharines Sub-Standard, the St.Catharines Lower Standard, the St.Catharines Bradley Buttkiss Society, the St.Catharines Bradley Sycophant - has purposefully, studiously, painstakingly AVOIDED ANY mention of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley in the last five months, when it came to anything whatsoever to do with health-care.
[After all, there are only two persons in all of Niagara responsible for health-care: Liberals Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor.]

Those great reporters Liberal-friendly stenographers such as Grant Lafleche, for instance, are extremely careful not to involve or mention Ole Liberal Jimmy in any story which remotely deals with the C. difficile deaths in Jim Bradley's OWN CITY!! When Metcalfe boasts about Lafleche's 'hard-hitting health care stories', that is such facile spin: to the Standard, 'hard-hitting' is petting Liberal MPP Jim Bradley while spinning the criticism everywhere else.

Wow: it's as if Liberal MPP Jim Bradley HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS!!

It's as if Ole Jimmy's Liberals AREN'T fully responsible for funding and controlling their own single-payer health system!

Why, it's as if Jim Bradley's Liberals are NOT running an unaccountable, failing, underfunded, incompetent health-care MONOPOLY!!
Liberals such as Jim Bradley are constantly rehabilitated by the apologist press; the process never ends - it's like the St.Catharines Standard becomes the Liberal Jim Bradley Campaign Office, covering up and spinning for Liberals inbetween the real elections!!

Did editor Metcalfe's "eye for injustice" ever notice that the words monopoly, health-care, and Liberal MPP Jim Bradley NEVER appear together in her rag's decades-long campaign for Bradley's status-quo Liberalism??!! Gosh: is that a "right" or a "wrong", Wendy?!

St.Cathariners don't need to be taken 'for a ride' by your biased Liberal-boosting rag, Ms. Metcalfe.

Your paper has been and still is transparently and blatantly avoiding the real health-care issues in Niagara by willfully neglecting to provide local readers with ANY in-depth coverage from our local secretive MPP Liberal Jim Bradley, on a host of issues, not the least of which is Jim Bradley's abdication of his role as Niagara's local (and senior) representative of the Liberal government.

Bradley had all but vanished from the pages of the St.Catharines Standard while some 34 C. difficile patients have died in Niagara, and dozens of others made severely ill.
   (Remember how sanctimonious and smarmy and self-righteously indignant Ole Liberal Jimmy got about Walkerton? More Ontarians died in Niagara this summer than in Walkerton... but because Jimmy Liberals are now in gov't., then Bradley and his Liberals can be immediately forgiven by the press...)
Gosh: maybe Ole Jim Bradley didn't... uhhh... know about anything about this C. diff outbreak in his own city... and coincidentally - and also amazingly - the St.Catharines Standard didn't... ummm... know either... haha ...that ole Jimmy's Liberal monopolists were fully responsible for health care in Ontario, so, umm...  no-one from the Standard asked Jimmy 'bout anything, 'cuz no-one knew anything about anything!!

Seriously: that, sadly, is the St.Catharines Standard's credo: fer gaia's sake: just don't ask Jimmy...'bout anything!

Ms. Metcalfe, wasn't it your paper that abdicated its responsibility to provide readers with full, in-depth, relentless coverage of the Liberal-controlled health-care situation in Niagara - including constantly demanding on-going questions and interviews from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley? [y'know: the way the Standard BradleyBootlicker would have done, had it been Conservatives - not Liberals - who were running the government...]

Where the hell was the St.Catharines Standard's phony "eye for injustice" during Niagara's 2011 summer of Liberal-monopoly C. diff death??

The one-eyed St.Catharines Standard was PURPOSEFULLY BLIND to the monopolist lies, deceptions, and injustices which Jim Bradley and his Liberal single-payer-pushing ideologues wrought upon Niagara.
The Standard sure must have some kind of perverted "pride" in its long record of  kow-towing to Bradley's every whim. Because it was Bradley and his Liberals who were in government, the dedicated Bradleyphiles at the Standard just sloughed off focusing anything on their BestBuddyBradley.
Instead of covering Jim Bradley, the disgusting full-time Liberal interim campaign workers at the Standard covered up for Liberal Jim Bradley.

Metcalfe's paper now boasts that their 'News team is armed and ready to deliver' [...whatever that means, it's just typical double-speak...] so, have any of her reporters been "armed" with Jim Bradley's... umm... phone number and email address?!?
Are any Standard reporters actually "ready" to finally find Jim Bradley?!?

Just askin' - cuz apparently none of her staff reporters Liberal stenographer/marionettes have been willing or able to actually provide readers with any consistent, in-depth, long-running interviews and analysis of Jim Bradley's activities and reactions to provincially-relevant events as our local Liberal MPP.

Except for the typical staged photo-ops, there has been NO RELEVANT coverage regarding Jim Bradley and his policies, in Bradley's local home-town paper: it's as if Jim Bradley's activities as Liberal MPP have nothing to do with the fallout of the actions of his Liberal government! {The Standard as been practicing FAKE NEWS way before the Trump era}

Where's the 'justice' in that kind of skewed Liberal-friendly media bias? What kind of "issues" will the Standard be 'calling out to change"??!! (...quick answer: they'll shill for anything that deflects AWAY from any scrutiny about Jimmy, or, they'll shill for anything which GLORIFIES Jimmy)

Wendy, how about changing the way your paper treats Liberal MPP Jim Bradley? When's the cosy Bradley ass-kissing going to end?

When will the St.Catharines Standard stop fondling Liberal Jim Bradley?

When is any St.Catharines Standard reporter going to actually pursue Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for a real interview?!
And, by now, in 2011, one token interview wouldn't - couldn't - possibly be enough to assess Bradley's years of Liberal claptrap; the Standard should have had hundreds of in-depth policy pieces regarding their local boy Bradley over the years... but this record of analysis by the Standard simply is not there!
What there is, is mostly Bradley boosterism, or puff-pieces which are JimmyFriendly-to-neutral in content. The Standard's C.difficile coverage is just the latest - but one of the most blatant - displays of its Bradley-friendly advocacy; essentially, of a long-term work of planned, purposeful political propaganda.

The Standard has let Liberal MPP Jim Bradley get away with murder, figuratively speaking. It is important - again - to remember: instead of covering Jim Bradley during the C. diff outbreak, the St.Catharines Standard  has covered-up for Jim Bradley from the moment the C. difficile deaths began appearing.

This is nothing new, though: the Standard has been spinning yarn to cover-up for Bradley, for years.

Where's the St. Catharines Standard's in-depth analysis of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response...

- to his Liberals' creation of the LHIN's?
- to the NHS's publicly-stated under-funding concerns?
- to the 2007 CIHI report, which revealed that the NHS's St.Catharines hospital - in Liberal Jim Bradley's home town - had the third-highest patient-death rate in Canada?
- to why he didn't immediately call for a public inquiry into this shocking CIHI report?
- to Smitherman's forcing of the cost-cutting HIP onto the NHS?
- to Dr. Jack Kitts' review of the HIP?
- to his Liberal-controlled LHIN approving the HIP?
- to his Liberals creating a new health-tax, and at the same time creating a two-tier health system by summarily de-listing previously-covered "universal" health care?
- to Quebec's momentous 2005 Chaoulli decision?
- to federal Liberal Bob Rae's candid admission that there is a private (and not 'non-profit private') sector role in Canadian health care?
- to why Helen Harris couldn't get emergency health care in St.Catharines, and died in Buffalo?
- to why he and his Liberals refused to call a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008, which had already then killed hundreds of patients in Ontario's Liberal health monopoly?
- to why - for years - his Liberals refused to call the Ombudsman to investigate the NHS, until days before the 2011 election?
- to why he and his Liberals still refuse to allow the Ombudsman full access to the entire 'MUSH" sector?
- to when he first knew of his own Liberal secret G20 law, and where he was hiding when his Liberal government unleashed its massive assault on civil rights?
- to demands that he provide specific evidence - extant in 2002 - which convinced him that anthropogenic-global-warming was real?
- to why he hasn't reintroduced his own made-while-in-opposition Gasoline Price Control bill?
- we could go on and on, Wendy, about your paper's years of Jimmy-friendly biased half-stories ...

Gosh... we can only imagine how difficult it has been (...cue the sad violin solo...) for the Standard to provide readers with sanitized Lib-friendly "news", while at the same time shying away - on purpose! - from providing any meaningful analysis of Jim Bradley's decades of deceptive Liberalism!
This is thoughtful, skilled and dedicated political media manipulation!

It's not easy coddling Liberal Jim Bradley - delicately holding Ole Jimmy at arm's length from criticism, swathing him and his politics in a cosy of protective velvet, carefully avoiding even the slightest critical mention of his name - while at the same time writing supposedly "hard-hitting" stories on issues directly connected to Bradley's Liberal politics!
That kind of consistent campaign, that kind of subtle media manipulation, that kind of fifth-columnist loyalty, takes a lot of dedication!!

Yes, it'll be difficult in the next several weeks during this inconvenient election... (whaat? There's an election in St. Catharines? Who knew?!) ...for the "hard-hitting" St.Catharines Standard to mask its allegiance to Liberal MPP Jim Bradley!

For appearance sake, the hardly-hard-hitting-at-all Standard - in the name of cross-eyed Metcalfian... umm... phony 'community justice', y'see - might have to give their Boy Jimmy an obligatory, pre-planned, tap over one knuckle with a large, soft, heart-shaped, puffy glove, on some trivial non-issue, which would suffice as "proof" to readers of how ...umm... 'fiercely independent' this Jimmy-boosting rag has been for years.
Really, for years, the St.Catharines Standard has been essentially acting as Jim Bradley's full-time campaign office inbetween elections, spouting the Liberal party lines, protecting their Boy Jimmy and regurgitating his political diarrhea.

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