Thursday, September 1, 2011

More despotism from Liberal Jim Bradley

 So it's not just us in Niagara whom Liberal Jim Bradley is screwing.

 John McFee wrote Aug.30, 2011 in the Walkerton Herald-Times:

"Disappointment and frustration stemming from the latest meeting with local officials and Jim Bradley, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services might lead to a showdown with the Attorney General’s office if the Walkerton jail is closed after October.
Brockton Mayor David Inglis, along with Couns. Chris Peabody, Charlie Reidl, Kym Hutcheon, and Bruce Warden Mike Smith, met with the Minister in London Monday during the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference.
“I was obviously disappointed and frustrated again,” Inglis told The WHT Thursday.
“There’s no give and take with them. They’ve made up their minds, but can’t give us a reason for not giving us the background information,” he added.
Peabody said the Minister “insists they’ve analyzed all the numbers but he wouldn’t show them to us.” Peabody added that he was shocked when Bradley asked him why he opposed the jail closure “since I’m a fiscal conservative and want to save taxpayers money in my campaigns. I was shocked that they had looked that up.”
Coun. Reidl, who chairs Brockton’s Police Services Board, suggested a showdown might be looming over the increased court security costs which would be required if the Walkerton and Owen Sound jails are closed.
Reidl said he’s been told that there will have to be two OPP officers in the holding area while different prisoners attend court. Currently those awaiting trial are simply brought over from the Walkerton jail when it’s time.
“We’ve calculated it will cost around $140,000 to $150,000 annually,” Reidl said. “I’m not too sure we’re ready to honour the request of the Attorney General,” for the two officers. “It’s not our job to babysit (prisoners) at hearings,” Reidl said.
He was also upset that Bradley told the group the government would “reimburse” the municipality for costs incurred on weekend arrests that require local officers to travel to Penetanguishene to process a suspect.
“There are a lot of questions unanswered. The details have not been discussed,” he added.
Inglis agreed. “We’re concerned about the unknown, definitely.”
Added to these worries, the mayor said he was especially distressed to hear Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak tell municipal officials that he couldn’t guarantee to continue the uploading schedule committed to by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals.
Included in that uploading is eventual coverage of court security costs, which Brockton currently pays for all on its own.
“For sure that’s a huge concern,” he said. “It’s been a huge issue and for us to hear him say that, it’s a big worry, no doubt.”
Despite the overall feeling of despair on the jail’s future, the mayor said they’re not giving up. “We’ll keep plugging away, make it an election issue.”
The mayor launched a new postcard signing campaign last week urging local residents to sign a card as well.
Organizer Barbara Ernest said the public is encouraged to sign the cards Friday, Sept. 2 at either Wright’s Foodland or Holst Office Supplies.
“We want to gather as many as we can and plan on presenting them to Premier (Dalton) McGuinty when he tours in Bruce Grey during the election” she said. "

Ohh, now the rest of Ontario is wising up to that secretive slime Jim Bradley.
'No give and take', and 'no reasons given' - why, THAT's the McGuinty statist way!! It's no different in Niagara! This is the Liberal despotism which we must rid ourselves of in the next election!
Isn't it just precious how Bradley smugly uses someone's character against them? This is classic Bradley; the scumbag will turn an argument against you, yet never really reveal what he stands for, or reveal what his reasoning is; his shifty position is always 'in terms of something else'. Bradley is above accountabilty, y'see. Here, the other guy's the 'fiscal conservative', y'see (...but what Bradley is, remains murky...!) so Bradley simply hooks that bait.
Let's ask:
What was the scientific evidence for your 2002 global-warming Kyoto agitation, Jim? (silence)
What was your response to the Niagara HIP plan, Jim? (silence)
What was your response to the 2007 CIHI study which revealed the hospital in YOUR St.Catharines riding had the third-highest patient-death-rate in Canada, Jim? (silence)
Hundreds of C. difficile patients died in Ontario in 2008 in your health-prisons, Jim - what did you say about that? (silence)
Another 33 C. diff patients died this summer, in 2011, all in Niagara; what do you have to say about that, Jim? (silence)

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