Monday, September 5, 2011

Where's McGuinty's doomsday-global-warming rhetoric gone?!

It's amazing how Ontario Premier Dalton 'Pinocchio' McGuinty, with his last-minute whirlwind of half-baked Liberal pre-election bribes, has purposefully downplayed his Liberal climate-change activism. Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar and his Grit jerks such as Brad Duguid and Jim Bradley are playing against hope that the inconvenient truths noted in such reports as...

Peter Foster's "Scorched by solar" (National Post, Sept.3, 2011)
Lawrence Solomon's "Our cosmic climate" (National Post, Sept.3, 2011)

...have no basis in fact, but ravings by Al Gore, David Suzuki, and the IPCC, somehow, still do!!

After all, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley was squawking about the supposed-horrors of climate doom back in 2002 - and yet (as of Sept.5, 2011) this little global-warming-crapper HAS NOT revealed WHICH SPECIFIC scientist; WHICH SPECIFIC peer-reviewed scientific study, in existence as of 2002, convinced Bradley that greenshevism TM and climatalarmism TM were the answers to his paranoid man-made-climate-change delusions (and incidentally, also the answer to maintaining a profitable cushy political career!)

Jim Bradley had NO "scientific evidence" of AGW then - and he still has none now. It was Jim Bradley's own climate-fear-mongering which was man-made!!

Go, ahead: ask Niagara's secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about his GreenFear TM kyodiotism TM; you can bet that his shoeshine crew at Niagara This Week and the St.Catharines Standard won't, especially during an election!! Can't tarnish Good Ole JimmyBoy's reputation!!

After all, these GreenFear TM spreaders unquestioningly helped spread Bradley's paranoid climate-change fear-mongering for years, pretending that it was real,  just because Bradley claimed it was.

Turns out, loyal statist soldier Jim Bradley was just another run-of-the-mill McGuintyite Liberal liar.

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