Friday, September 9, 2011

News flash to Dalton McGuinty: YOU are the "killer"; with 33 dead C. diff victims in Niagara, where's YOUR apology?

So Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar and GreenFear-spreader, was noted in Karen Howlett's Sept.8, 2011 Globe and Mail  report pushing some pretty ridiculous Green bolshevik rhetoric:

"Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty is challenging his chief rival to look workers employed in the province’s nascent green-energy sector directly in the eyes and tell them he is “killing” their jobs.
Mr. McGuinty announced in London, Ont., that South Korean multinational Samsung is creating another 200 jobs in a city hard hit by the economic recession. The timely news, coming on Day 2 of the campaign for the Oct. 6 election, highlights the Liberals’ key message – that they are best equipped to build a strong foundation of manufacturing excellence in the province. The Progressive Conservatives under Leader Tim Hudak, they argue, would jeopardize the economy’s fragile recovery by turning back the clock on progress.
Mr. McGuinty said the Tories would kill the very jobs he is announcing. Mr. Hudak, who is leading in the opinion polls, has vowed to rip up a $7-billion Samsung deal inked by the Liberals if he wins the election.
Why doesn’t Mr. Hudak come to London and tell employees directly that he plans to cancel the Samsung deal? Mr. McGuinty told reporters on Thursday.
“They would kill the very jobs we are announcing here today,” he said. “He can meet with employees, shake their hands, and look them in the eyes and tell them, ‘I’m killing your jobs. I’m killing your future. Sorry about that.’”
Mr. McGuinty was flanked at the announcement at the University of Western Ontario by Samsung executives and London Mayor Joe Fontana, a former Liberal MP.
It was the second day in a row Mr. McGuinty has had a municipal leader on hand to help draw sharp distinctions between his policies and those of Mr. Hudak. On Wednesday, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion appeared at the Liberals’ kick-off rally, where she said she supports the Liberals’ plans to assume financial responsibility for social programs that the previous Tory government had downloaded to municipalities.
Mr. Fontana said he has not yet spoken directly to Mr. Hudak about his threat to cancel the Samsung deal. But he said he plans to show up at campaign events when the Tories swing through London, a city where the unemployment rate is 9.1 per cent.
“I am hoping I and others can convince him that his platform of killing … a $7-billion investment in jobs in a new sector would be wrong,” Mr. Fontana said. “There is nothing wrong with having wind, solar and biomass as part of the electricity-production mix, especially when you create good jobs.”
Nancy Branscombe, Tory candidate for the riding of London North Centre, said if the Liberals were really serious about addressing the city’s high unemployment rate, they should have done something years ago."
Here's an idea for you, Mr. Dalton Pinocchio McGuinty: why don't YOU come to Niagara and explain, face to face, to the families whose relatives were killed in your secretive health monopoly why the Liberal lies YOU told Ontarians in 2008 (that our hospital system was safe from C. diff; and that we didn't need any public inquiry into the previous HUNDREDS of C. diff deaths under your Liberal rule) shouldn't be considered as negligent homicide??

C'mon, there, Dalton, ya lyin' monopolist Liberal slimebag: come to Niagara and tell us when your Liberals will stop  YOUR "platform of killing".

You think this is a one way street, you Liberal liar?!?

You're pandering about "killing" fake jobs ...really?... while your unaccountable health monopoly is killing hundreds of patients throughout Ontario??!

Make sure you bring your little toadstool MPP Jim Bradley with you, and you can both tell those victims' families where monopolist thug JimmyBoy was hiding all summer, while Niagara's patients were sick and dying in your disgusting no-patient-choice health-care prison..

We in Niagara DIDN'T EVEN GET a "sorry about that" from you, Mr. McGuinty, or from our disgusting local Liberal turd Jim Bradley.

Maybe Karen Howlett could cover that story.

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