Monday, September 26, 2011

McGuinty's Liberal Green-scam money-pit

If Ontarians need to undersand McGuinty's Liberal Green Energy act for the fiasco which it is, there are several articles to read for a glimpse into the pathetic energy-joke which McGuinty's Liberals have mired us into.
There was Tony Ricciuto's laughably one-sided article "Sun shines on his busines" (St.Catharines Standard, Sept.21, 2011), telling us of a MicroFit beneficiary who buys electricity from his utility for 5.7-10.6 cents per KWH, but is paid a guaranteed 80.2 cents per KWH for the electricity which his roof-mounted photo-voltaic system produces back into the grid.
Reporter Riciciuto writes this article as if it were a feel-good greenie advertisement, and does not provide readers any analysis of the insane politics which McGuinty's Liberals have led Ontarians to buy into: that this kind of ideologically greenwashed perverted economics can be seriously viewed as a "business", let alone an "investment", when it is just a government-subsidized farce... as David Frum had well-made the case in "Doubling down on the green-jobs money pit" (National Post, Sept.17, 2011)
It's interesting how neither Kim Craitor nor Jim Bradley, Niagara's two ruling Liberal incumbents, still can't publicly provide any evidence to substantiate the doomsday global-warming GreenFear-mongering which their Liberal party has been perpetrating for over a decade, and which has become the underlying (yet unproven) basis for all these bizarrely-skewed subsequent Liberal greenscam "cures".
Maybe Jimmy or Kimmy can locally and specifically comment on the financial sense of MicroFit, or on Frum's article.
Maybe the Standard can write a real report, instead of an ad, about that. oh ... sure.
Maybe the Standard's Wendy Metcalfe will bother to send her reporters to specifically ask climate-change GreenFear pushers Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor to publicly confirm whether their lying Liberal party would or would not institute some kind of cap and trade / carbon-tax scheme should they, horrifically, regain power two weeks from now.
That's something which the Standard is capable of doing, no? yeh... sure.

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