Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The NHS should be treated as a crime scene

Further to my previous post ...

...the Dec.20, 2011 St.Catharines Standard reported that a C.difficile patient had died Dec.18 at GNGH, the hospital in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Oh, and a Norovirus outbreak was declared in Niagara as well, at the Welland hospital.
The story by Brett Clarkson, of course, did not mention any comments or reaction from the two local Niagara Liberal health-care monopolists, Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley, whose government runs the infection-plagued Niagara health monopoly.
No mention was made of any comments from the LHIN; and of course, no mention was made of any comments from health minister Deb Matthews.
Funny how the big-mouth local monopolist mayors such as Brian McMullan and Jim Diodati weren't asked for their comments either.
There have been no demands from these mayors that a public inquiry be called into the C.diff horror which McGuinty's Liberals have subjected our population to. Diodati and McMullan are quiet as church mice when it comes to demanding answers from their Liberal MPP's about these scores of Niagara patient deaths. Better to still blame Harris, eh?!
So, let's just forget - as Niagara's monopolist-friendly status-quo-supporting press has done - about examining Dalton McGuinty's Liberal impact on Niagara's 2011 C.diff deaths due to his Liberal's secretive decision to hide from a public C.diff inquiry back in 2008!!
The NHS should be treated as a crime scene: why isn't it?

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