Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips teases about climate change

Loved that nice, sustained pile of GreenFear propaganda which was peddled at around 7:18 pm EST, Dec.28, 2011, on Buffalo's 970 AM, on the Gwen Ifill hosted Newshour. Climate change - man made - was not even challenged  by those NPR "reporters". This is the kind of cheer-leading, unquestioned, lap-it-up-and-love-it climate fear propaganda which Jim Bradley needs to hear more of in Canada!

Speaking of Good Ole Jimmy - once again, the St.Catharines Standard carried another of those always-funny Cagey Climatologist David 'maybe/maybe not/I dunno' Phillips' weather stories [where some reporter is sent in to decipher what Phillips says, and then try to spin some climate-change innuendo out of it], and once again, Jim Bradley (aka Ontario's Environment Minister!!) was not mentioned.

Ray Spiteri tried that same dance with Phillips a coupla days ago in the Standard; now, in the Dec.28, 2011 Standard, Don Fraser was sent in to do his best to somehow prove the fearsome existence of man-made climate change by cobbling together a string of  David 'it's a crapshoot of fits and fickles' Phillips' scat-like climatological observations.

Yet, dammit -  as Spiteri had found out - Cagey Climatologist Phillips came so close with his climate-fear innuendo, but couldn't actually give Fraser the smoking climate money shot, which would prove once and for all the existence of man-made climate change (or 'global-warming', or 'unprecedented-extreme-weather-events', or whatever the GreenFear industry's euphemistic-terminology-du jour for climate-socialism is).

Phillips teased and toyed with Fraser and led Fraser to the loquacious brink of climactic climatic release, but, dammit - pulled out just shy of actually saying that the Planet is in Peril, and that Jim Bradley is right, and that the Earth will be flooded as it dries up, and that the polar bears will drown as they're frying...

No, Fraser didn't get satisfaction from Canada's Cunningly Cagey Climatologist David Phillips. Fraser and his frustrated readers were left blueballed and breathless, having come so close to proving their socialist doomsday climate nirvana.

We don't even know whether Fraser had even bothered to come right out and ask Phillips outright for the definitive proof of man-made climate change; at least Spiteri made it look as if he had begged. But, although both Fraser and Spiteri dealt with the Cagey Climatologist, they also both completely ignored the One Man In All Of Liberal Ontario Who Knows All About Climate: Good Ole Jim Jimmy J.J. James Bradley!!

As with Spiteri, and countless previous lemmings who were sent to uphold the climate fear tradition, Fraser also did not dare bother to approach Climate Change GreenFear Chief  Jim Bradley for the definitive proof of AGW. Strangely, Fraser didn't bother to provide readers with any reaction from Jim Bradley to Phillips' comments!

Perhaps the Standard's boss Wendy Metcalfe saw no wrongs here which needed righting, and ordered reporters such as Fraser not to contact Ontario's Environment Minister Jim Bradley, when her newspaper is writing stories desperately trying to peddle climate fear.

Or, maybe these "reporters" are protecting Jim Bradley on their own, and Wendy doesn't mind.

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R.Bobak said...

Golly! There was ANOTHER excellent episode in the continuing "David Phillips, Canada's Cagey Climatologist" series!!!

This time, it was the St.Catharines Standard's Erica Bajer [in her Mar.13, 2012 FRONT PAGE story, no less..!] who was sent out to make some sense of Cagey Climatologist Phillips' foggy, teflon greased, home-spun, impenetrable climate prognostications!!! [and hopefully, obtain proof of AGW for Jim Bradley]

We got contrived cagey climatology classics from Phillips, such as: "Is winter over? It is this week"!!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

This is gold, I tells ya: pure gold!