Saturday, December 17, 2011

A little shiddle-diddle at the Liberal-friendly Standard

There was a great editorial cartoon in the Dec.17, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, showing Ontario Liberal MPP Environment Minister Jim Bradley, depicted as a caveman neanderthal, holding a bloody club in his hand, dragging a Burning Planet Earth in a net trailing behind him, wearing a banner saying "8 years of Liberal despotic majority", trampling dead C. difficile victims and secret-Liberal-G20-law victims under his feet. Very good choice of political cartoon for Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard; Warren Kinsella, I'm sure, will be outraged at how "right-wing" the St.Catharines Standard (a Sun Media paper) is!! There were so many... sooo many... wrongs righted here with this cartoon, eh Wendy?!
Oh, the only question is, why has it taken the St.Catharines Standard this long -8 years- to finally paint a true picture of... um, how did that shiddle-diddle fop mini-Trudeau put it? ... of how 'full of sh!t' Jim Bradley and his Liberal goons are?!

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