Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Profligate McGuinty wants more federal cash

John Ivison in  "Reality tempers health discord" (Dec.14, 2011 National Post) reported how Newfoundland is demanding that the federal government pay 25% of their health care costs (a 49% increase in health care transfers) because of the province's greying population.

Compare Newfoundland's demands today in 2011 to what Newfoundland's premier Danny Williams was saying in 2004, (during the health care transfer talks under Paul Martin) as Ivison himself reported in his story "Money will not fix what ails system: Summit was a missed opportunity" (National Post, Sept.17, 2004):

"...Williams, who had previously said that the whole process was a "farce" that could "destroy health care for a generation," was much more emollient after the deal was signed. The vision of dollar signs he saw on the road to the conference centre persuaded him that they had reached an agreement of which everyone could be proud. He did say his province still had serious fiscal problems but told Paul Martin, "It's not your problem ...that's my problem, that's our problem and I don't expect you to fix and heal all those problems." Martin should put such provincial empathy down to sleep deprivation because Williams is unlikely to be as understanding when the premiers crash antlers with the Prime Minister over equalization payments next month..."

Have Newfoundland - or Ontario - bothered to solve their 'serious fiscal problems' yet, seven years later?! Or are the 'visions of federal dollar signs' still dancing in their heads?

McGuinty, the single-payer health-care monopoly-pushing premier Liberal liar of Ontario, is billions in the hole, with debt-rating downgrades looming in his now-have-not province. McGuinty's wasted billions on his Green Energy scams and eHealth charades; now duplicitous Dalton too wants more cash from the feds, to enable him to continue in his unaccountable ways?! Does a profligate statist such as Dalton intend to surrender any of the constitutional responsibility his province has over health care, in return for federal cash, or does he feel he's just damn well entitled to be given such largesse, without question or stipulation?!

Where does 'suck-and-blow' Dalton think this money comes from, anyhow?

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