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Niagara's Top News Story of 2011: how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley vanished during Niagara's 'Summer Of C.diff Death'

Let's see: what will Wendy Metcalfe's St.Catharines Standard come up with, at year's-end, as Niagara's 'top news story of 2011'?


Will we see Grant Lafleche write another summation, similar to this previous doozy, which had named healthcare as the top Niagara story of 2008...
(you know: when Smitherman, Bradley, Craitor, and McGuinty forced the NHS to create a HIP; after which the Liberals then closed two ER's in Niagara)
...yet, somehow, Lafleche and his Standard editors... um... forgot to mention St.Catharines' Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's role in the creation of the HIP!! (hahaha)

Somehow whoops! Lafleche also didn't mention Jim Bradley's comments regarding his secretive Liberals quashing a public inquiry that year, in 2008, which would have openly examined the HUNDREDS of C. diff deaths which had already then occurred in Ontario's Liberal health monopoly!

That was a great example of the St.Catharines Standard's propensity for blatant Bradley buttlickery.

So, we can almost see Metcalfe's Standard 'wrong-righting' spin for any 2011 summary: continuing covering up for Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's abdication of responsibility while almost 40 patients were killed during Niagara's Summer Of C.diff Death.

During the entire summer of 2011, the St.Catharines Standard carefully avoided any mention of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley regarding the killer C.diff outbreak in Bradley's Liberal-monopoly-run Niagara hospitals. ...[After all, the Honourable Jim Bradley is a Busy Man, a Busy Cabinet Minister, y'see; how can Busy Liberal Men Such As Jim Bradley have the time to comment on trivialities such as Killer C.diff Outbreaks, when they are Busy with Other More Important Grand Projects??]

The disgusting St.Catharines Standard made a concerted effort to cover up for Liberal MPP Jim Bradley: the Standard did not carry any stories which, when dealing with Niagara's 2011 C.diff outbreak as the subject matter, also indicated to readers whether or not Jim Bradley had been contacted by the Standard, and, whether or not Jim Bradley had answered any Standard request for his comments on the killer C.diff outbreak unfolding in his own city.

The Standard purposefully isolated Liberal MPP Jim Bradley from scrutiny during the entire duration of the (first) Niagara C.diff outbreak, from when it first began developing in May 2011, right up until Dec.2011, when yet another Niagara C.diff outbreak was declared!!
Somehow, suddenly the local Liberal hack Jim Bradley and his Liberal monopolist health policies had nothing to do with healthcare in Niagara!

It wasn't enough that secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley ran away into his media-enabled Cone Of Silence during the initial summer 2011 C.diff outbreak, while the St.Catharines Standard conveniently couldn't be bothered to hunt him down (!); the same thing happened again, when the second C.diff outbreak was announced in the first week of Dec.2011!

Yep: Liberal MPP Jim Bradley simply and conveniently vanished from the pages of the St.Catharines Standard when it came to the issue of two deadly 2011 C.diff outbreaks in his own Niagara backyard!

Grant Lafleche's 2008-summation Standard story didn't even bother to examine Liberal Jim Bradley's reasons for his Liberals hiding from calling a public C.diff inquiry in 2008 - the findings from which might very well have had positive preventative implications in Niagara three years later in 2011, saving patient lives which were otherwise lost.
(Great "journalism", eh?! Wow - with urinalism like that, it's gotta be time to give Ole Grunt LaFlush anudder urinalism award...)
The pathetic Standard hasn't yet bothered to ask Liberal hack Jim Bradley about why - despite Liberal lying assurances that C.diff was under control in 2008 - Niagara ended up with not one, but TWO killer C.difficile outbreaks in 2011!

So it would be awkward, to say the least, for the hypocritical St.Catharines Standard to name Niagara's Summer of C.diff Death as the top story of 2011, without mentioning their own role in aiding and abetting the sudden sounds of silence emanating from Niagara's other-wise loudest Liberal health care monopolist, Jim Bradley!

I'm sure that Lafleche would be willing to try, though: I mean, look at how wonderfully Lafleche spun his Dec.19, 2011 Standard story about the Salvation Army's fund-raising efforts - even, forsooth, using the word "Christmas" - completely omitting to mention his Hitchens-onian disdain for religion and his apparent willingness to assault priests with large sticks of lumber to prove it.

To paraphrase Warren Kinsella's smelly 'piece of Justin Trudeau' article in the Dec.19, 2011 St.Catharines Standard: the St.Catharines Standard is simply Jim Bradley's not-so-stealthy Liberal water carrier.

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R.Bobak said...

Hmmm... is Niagara's Top News Story about secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's abandonment of Niagara while dozens of C. difficile patients were killed in Bradley's local Liberal-run health-monopoly; or, equally disturbing, is the top news story about how the St.Catharines Standard turned the other cheek, and didn't bother pursuing their pal Bradley about said deaths?