Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who will ask Jim Bradley about his Liberal's fake "50,000" green jobs?

When will Ontario's Environment minister Jim Bradley be asked by Niagara's local press about the very same issues which the NorthumberlandView wrote of:

 "Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak pressed Dalton McGuinty to come clean today and tell Ontarians when exactly he found out his failed energy policies were unaffordable and killing jobs. Ontario’s Auditor General would have submitted his scathing report to the government months in advance of its public release earlier this week, yet Dalton McGuinty continues to deny there’s a problem with his energy schemes.
Hudak repeatedly asked the Premier when he received the Auditor’s report – and if he knew the contents of the report months ago, why did he continue to make false claims about his energy record during the recent provincial election campaign. Contrary to Dalton McGuinty’s claims that the Green Energy Act is creating jobs and Ontario is profiting from electricity exports, the Auditor confirmed these energy schemes kill up to four jobs in the broader economy for every job they create. He also confirmed Ontario consumers didn’t benefit, but paid $1.8 billion since 2005 to export power to New York and Quebec.
Dalton McGuinty also claimed the Auditor regularly reviews the revenue collected on hydro bills through the Debt Retirement Charge to pay off $7.8 billion in residual stranded debt. However, the Auditor claimed this week that the McGuinty government continues to keep the remaining debt a secret, raising even more suspicion as to where the more than $8 billion already collected has really been going.
“It’s time the Premier come clean about when he first received the Auditor General’s initial findings and stop misrepresenting these job-killing energy policies.”
–Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader
“Day after day, time and time again, the Premier and his Ministers said the Auditor signed off on their handling of the Debt Retirement Charge. He in fact did not. Why did the Premier tell the people of Ontario over and over again something that he knew was not true?”
–Tim Hudak, Ontario PC Leader

During the recent Ontario election, the McGuinty Liberals issued at least 15 news releases claiming they were creating 50,000 jobs. However the Auditor General reported, “The high proportion of short-term jobs was not apparent from the Ministry’s public announcement.” (Auditor General’s 2011 Annual Report, Page 117)
  • As recently as November 10, 2011, a Ministry of Energy news release claimed that over the last five years Ontario “generated $1.8 billion through net exports.” However the Auditor General reported, “Ontario received $1.8 billion less for its electricity exports than what it actually cost electricity ratepayers of Ontario.” (Auditor General’s 2011 Annual Report, Page 112)
  • On March 2, the Minister of Finance claimed, “We’re paying [the hydro debt] down each and every year. The auditor signs off on it. The books are open and clear.” However the Auditor General reported, “Our view is that the Minister should make a formal determination of the outstanding amount of the residual stranded debt in the near future and make this determination public.” (Auditor General’s 2011 Annual Report, Page 126)"
When did Liberal MPP Jim Bradley know that his Liberals were lying about their bait-and-switch  "50,000" green jobs fantasy?!

When will someone from the St.Catharines Standard or Niagara This Week ever bother to actually track secretive Ole Jimmy down, and to actually ask Good Ole Jimmy to come clean about these Liberal GreenFear lies???

When will these Liberal-loving rags ever bother to examine their Boy Bradley's years of Liberal hackery? Did they even try to contact their Friendly Local Liberal Buddy, at all?!?

[Oh, yeah: it's Dec.8 - and there hasn't been any article yet in the Standard about Jim Bradley's reaction to auditor McCarter's report!! heh heh!

Way to go, you gang of Metcalfian 'wrong-righting' hyporites/ Bradley Bootlickers!!

Way to go!]

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