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Niagara Falls Then and Now: Old Storefronts on Queen St. (Part 8 of 10)

This post looks at the north-side of Queen St. in Niagara Falls, Ont., from St. Clair Ave. eastwards towards Ontario Ave. (Click on photos to enlarge!)

below: Feb.8, 2009 - looking at the north-east corner of St. Clair Ave. and Queen St., where the Capitol movie theatre (formerly the Queen Theatre) once stood (see also: Niagara Falls Then and Now: the Queen - Capitol Theatre)

above: Jun.6, 2017  the same corner; the TD bank has moved out, and the building's facade is undergoing changes.

below: At the left is the vacant site of the demolished Capitol Theatre building before the Lincoln Trust building was built. To the right (east) next to the vacant lot is the west end of the Woolworth's store, as seen on Oct.4, 1964. above: same view, Dec.22, 2008: the modern 'new' bank building stands on the site of the old Capitol Theatre, contrasting to the remnants of the deco upper facade of the former Woolworth's building.
below: ca 1930's - looking westward along the north side of Queen St., Woolworth's is seen at the centre right, a little farther back is seen the marquee of the Capitol (formerly Queen) Theatre. At the far right with the striped awning is The French Shoppe Ladies Wear. Note the streetcar tracks on Queen St.; also, St. Patrick's church steeple in the west distance.above: same view, Dec.22, 2008. At the far right, where the French Shoppe once was, is now the corner of a medical centre. above: Feb.3, 2009 - a recent eye-catching flag installation by Doug Vanasselstine
atop the old Woolworth's facade cheered up the vacant building and brightened Queen St. above: Dec.22, 2008. Large piles of "global warming" (!) line Queen St.
below: Dec.22, 2008 - looking westward at the north-side of Queen St. above: same view, Sept.28, 1965. Where the French Shoppe had been is now the east part of Kresge's. Where the east-half of Kresge's, and Stein's, and Walker's Stores were, is now part of where the medical centre is.
below: Feb. 1966 - colour view of same location. El Win Tiny Togs store is at the right (east) of Walker's; at the far right is a corner of the Virginia Dare shop. below: Walker Stores facade as it was on Oct.4, 1964. below: Sept.28, 1965. At the far left (west) is the corner of Walker's. This is where the east-side of today's medical centre, seen earlier, now ends. El Win Tiny Togs is in the foreground, and Virginia Dare is at the far right.
above: Jun.4, 2009 - where El Win once was is now Pulp Comics; next to the right, where Virginia Dare once was, is now a gallery.
below: Oct.4, 1964. El Win's site is at the far left; then Virginia Dare; then Woods Wallpaper; and at the far right, the Kent's Stores.

above: same view, Feb.6, 2009 - at the far left: El Win's was once where The Watering Can (later in 2009, the comic shop) is seen. The next building to the right (east) was where Virginia Dare had been; the Hair Lover's Place was where the Woods Wallpaper shop had once been. At the far right is the former Kent's Stores building
above: May 1965 - Virginia Dare is at left; Woods Wallpaper, featuring Love Brothers Paints, is in centre; M.A. Kent Stores is at the far right.
above: same view, Oct.1966.
above: same building, Feb.6, 2009.
below: May 1965 - Kent's Stores; to the far left is Wood's Wallpaper, and to the far right Lane's Restaurant.
below: same view, Sept. 1966. At right, Lane's Restaurant shows neon in the windows and vitrolite on the facade.

above: same view, Dec.22, 2008
below: Oct.4, 1964 - Kent's Stores is at the left; Lane's Restaurant Soda Bar Coffee Shop is seen next; then a vacant storefront (with a For Sale sign by McMillan realtors); then Robert's China and Watches was on the corner at right.
below: same view, earlier, on Jan.8, 1958 - the shop east of Lane's Soda Bar was a children's shop. At the rear of this building was the Rainbow Bowling Lanes.

above: same view, Feb.5, 2009 - Lane's Soda Bar was once at the left, Robert's was on the right corner. The building has been converted to an office.
below: ca 1930's - looking at the north-west corner of Queen St. and Ontario Ave., where the lamp post is at bottom right. This view is looking westward up the north-side of Queen St. In the far distance can be plainly seen the marquee of the Capitol movie theatre at St. Clair Ave., where we started this walk at the beginning of this post. In the foreground is the Walker's Stores building, which later was the Kent's Stores. To the right (east) of this building is seen the roof of a house, then a store at the corner; here would later be built the Lane's Soda Bar along with Rainbow Bowling

above: same view, Feb.6, 2009 - the former Walker/Kent's Stores building is seen in the centre; the Woolworth's is all a-flutter with flags further west along Queen St.
The older photos in this study are from the Niagara Falls, Ont. Library Archive; the recent photos are by R. Bobak.
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