Monday, February 23, 2009

Bigots and Bags of Hot Air

As the Academy was handing out its Blah-scer Awards on the evening of Feb.22, 2009, David Suzuki was on TVO with Allan Gregg. Suzuki was predictably spouting his brand of green bolshevism / climatalarmism; and, of course, again agitating that childeren should be inculcated with his 'the earth is burning to hell in a handbasket' fear-mongering agenda.

"And this year's Blahscer Award for "Hottest Bag of Air" goes to... David Suzuki! He now joins previous recipients - and fellow Gorzukion Bags of Hot Air, Stephane Dion and Al Gore - in the Climate Alarm Propaganda Hall of Shame.
It was nice to listen to the John Moore show on CFRB 1010 AM Toronto after 4pm on Feb.23, 2009, mainly because John Moore wasn't hosting. It was great! No need to turn the radio dial away from CFRB, and Moore's usual snivelling, during the afternoon commute. Michael Coren was hosting, and a good show it was, pitting B'nai Brith's Frank Diamant against CUPE's Sid Ryan.
Ryan did his best to continue his campaign to convince listeners that his organization's policies regarding Israel were not institutionalized bigotry.
Ryan was not very convincing.

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