Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: Clifton Hill and Oneida Lane

Below: Aug.9, 2005 - Looking at the north-east corner of Clifton Hill and Oneida Lane, at the old Hilltop Motel. (this photo from NFLA) I believe that this building was also once known as the Pilgrim Motel.
above: same view, Feb.20, 2008 - this former hotel structure is seen being gutted down to its steel framework, and then rebuilt with a much taller top floor. The Casino Niagara tower is in the centre background. Photo by R. Bobak
above: Feb.28, 2008, the walls and steel roof have been removed
above: Mar.31, 2008
above: Apr.14, 2008 , the steel wall columns have been extended at the top to create extra ceiling height on the top floor. New roof beams are in place.
above: Apr.29, 2008, new steel roof trusses are set in place on the newly-raised roof beams.
above: Aug.29, 2008 cladding and interior work underway
above: Oct.22, 2008
above: Jan.7, 2009.
above: Jun.3, 2009 - the Dave and Buster's signs are installed. Previous above nine photos by R. Bobak

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