Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Niagara HIP: 100% Liberal made

On July 6, 2011, there was an hour-long rally held across the street from the Niagara Falls Greater Niagara General Hospital, (GNGH) in Niagara Falls Ontario. The rally was about the C. difficile outbreak in Niagara, and was supposedly non-partisan, but, the smell of socialism was definitely in the air. This seemed like an NDP rally, with a couple of lefty Liberals thrown in for good measure.
Never once was the failing concept of Ontario's monopolist single-payer health-care questioned by anyone.
The speakers were Wayne Gates, a former CAW boss and NDP federal candidate; an SEIU rep; Sue Salzer, a yellow-shirt brigader; Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor; NDP leader Andrea Horwath, and Niagara Falls mayor, global-warming fear-mongerer, and McGuinty Liberal wannabe candidate, Jim Diodati.
Craitor, predictably, blamed Harris for creating the NHS - seriously: this is what doofus (thanks, Doug Herod) Craitor is paid to do - create strawmen, and spin the scrutiny AWAY from the disaster his own Liberal party created in Niagara.
Craitor DID NOT mention anything about his own Liberal government-created LHIN's role in forcing cuts at the NHS and forcing the NHS to create the hated HIP.
Craitor, beyond belief, as if he was truly out of touch with reality, even went on to say he wants all the hospitals back as they were before, 'a hospital in every community'. Craitor didn't tell the cheering crowd (numbering perhaps a hundred) how much that retro fantasy will cost them. Craitor did warn the crowd that health care might soon take up to 70% of the government's budget, but didn't say whether that included having a fully-staffed hospital in every village! Craitor also babbled something about Canada having twelve provinces (yep: Craitor thinks Canada has "12 provinces"!) and twelve health-care jurisdictions,  trying to spin his Liberal government's massive failures onto the federal gov't., a typically disingenuous move. Health-care is a provincial obligation, Mr.Craitor - it's YOUR government's obligation, not someone else's.
Craitor remains a Liberal monopolist, defending an indefensible, despotic, anti-patient-choice, secretive, unaccountable health-care monopolism, dreaming of some bucolic single-payer health-care utopia... while the reality stood right behind him across the street: a Liberal-run disastrous health monopoly, fuelled by Liberal socialist ideology. Craitor also tried to tell the crowd that all this is somehow above politics - but many in the crowd did not buy that. Horwath later made this point clear to Craitor and to Diodati: this is all about politics.
This is exactly what I've said before, as well: this is all about politics, about failed socialism and perverted, desperate, monopolist Liberal ideology. We should not let Liberals such as Craitor or Diodati kid anyone:
This is all about the secrecy of Kim Craitor's Liberal government. This is all about Kim Craitor's deceptive, negligent Liberalism.
Diodati, the climate change fear-spreader, tried to defend Craitor, telling the crowd that Craitor is "in a jam" and that "there is a lot of pressure for him to fall in".  Diodati, full of Liberal rhetoric, pointed out to the crowd the NHS security guards across the street, and sneered "Give 'em all a cloth and some bleach and go clean a room". What a turd.
Diodati and Craitor are the ones desperately sanitizing McGuinty's disastrous Liberal health-care record. Diodati told the crowd that "C. diff is a symptom of a bigger problem, including a faulty Hospital Improvement Plan... the HIP, that's where the problem is."
The real problem, of course, is that Diodati and Craitor studiously avoid focusing on who created this problematic HIP!!!
Craitor and Diodati prefer to blame the NHS for the HIP.
But we all know that it was the Liberal government under George Smitherman which forced the Smitherman-created Niagara LHIN to force the NHS to begin cutting costs.
We've been through this 'Who caused the HIP' explanation a thousand times before, but slimy politicians continue to pretend that their politics are not to blame, and spin the truth away from their own Liberal culpability.
Yes: the HIP is a problem, as Diodati says; but Diodati conveniently JUST FORGETS to mention the rest of the story!!
You know:
- about how McGuinty's hand-picked health-care minister Smitherman forced the cuts onto the NHS,
- about how the whole Jack Kitts report was approved,
- about how the Liberal's own LHIN then approved the HIP plan, and then told the NHS implement it,
- about how it was McGuinty's Liberal government [not Harris' - get it, Kimmy..?] which closed two emergency rooms in Niagara,
- about how three Liberal health ministers - Smitherman, Caplan, and Matthews - refused to reconsider their LHIN's actions,
... amazingly, all that kinda stuff falls by Diodati's and Craitor's rhetorical wayside!!
The HIP is a problem Jimbo, because Craitor's Liberals - the same Liberals you once proudly wanted to hitch your wagon to - created it.
Do ya get it?
The HIP is 100% Liberal-created.
It is a Liberal-created  problem.
The HIP is the spawn of Liberal bastards.
Do ya get it??
It was McGuinty's secretive Liberal government - and Craitor is a proud McGuinty Liberal - which callously REFUSED to allow a public inquiry into the last C. diff outbreak, which killed hundreds in Ontario!!
Do ya get that?
Craitor's Liberals lied and ran away from scrutiny - and now it's happening again.
Do ya get it?
Stop blaming the security guards, Jimbo: the problem is your and Craitor's Liberalism. The HIP was the ultimate expression of an unchecked Liberal majority government's single-payer ideological despotism.
The Niagara HIP has Smitherman's Liberal-approved stink ALL OVER IT ...and Jim Bradley's... and Kim Craitor's.
Do ya get it YET, ya  FLICKIN' clowns???
The HIP was proud, despotic, single-payer Liberal healthcare duplicity  in its FULL GLORY - do ya GET IT now????
Don't give us your slimy horseshit rhetoric that "today is not about politics", Mr Diodati - it  most certainly is about politics; it's about Liberal negligence of heinous proportions.

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