Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good riddance to another McGuinty Liberal monopolist

It is great to see that David Caplan - one of McGuinty's health ministers who repeatedly refused to re-examine the HIP which  Smitherman's LHIN had forced the Niagara Health System to create under severe political duress - is quitting.
Former health minister Caplan should also be accountable in any subsequent criminal investigations regarding his secretive Liberals' culpability in avoiding any public investigation into the hundreds of  C. difficile deaths in Ontario in 2006-08 (with false reassurances that an inquiry wouldn't tell the Liberals anything new about C. diff than they already knew; it's unbelievable, but that is what McGuinty's monopolists said...) and the subsequent 2011 C. difficile deaths in Niagara (22 dead as of Jul.14, 2011).
Hope Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor soon join Caplan in Liberal hell.

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