Saturday, July 16, 2011

The filthy health care hospital pit known as the Liberal Jim Bradley Wing

Here is C.J. Duffy's shocking July 13, 2011 letter in Niagara This Week:

Has C.J. Duffy contacted St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about this filthy health-care pit?

Jimmy and Deb Matthews are in charge of Ontario's health care system - where is secretive Liberal Jim Bradley's response to this letter? This occurred in Bradley's own St. Catharines riding! Why is Jim Bradley utterly mute on this issue? (I'm sure - hardee-har-har - that Mike Williscraft is sending a NTW reporter to Bradley's office asap!) Bradley hasn't bothered to publicly respond to this letter either!

Oh, yeah.... and why isn't St.Catharines mayor, the always-oh-so-so-soooo-concerned Brian McMullan 'demanding answers' to this single-payer health-care travesty in his city?! Why isn't Mayor McFullofit demanding that his monopolist buddy Jim Bradley publicly address Mr. Duffy's concerns?? (yeah: as if...)

Until June 20, 2008, George Smitherman was McGuinty's monopolist health minister, after that date in 2008, it was David Caplan - have either of these two Grits replied to Duffy's concerns; has Duffy contacted either of them about his dismal, frightening experiences at the St.Catharines NHS franchise of McGuinty's Liberal health-monopoly?

The NHS only mops on Friday - yet, Jim Bradley only answers questions what - once a FLICKING year??? There's no water to wash your hands - yet Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuinty have washed their hands of any complicity for the Mess in the NHS!!

McGuinty's disgusting Liberal health-monopoly-pushing despots need to be punished for the disaster they have foisted onto Ontario's patients.

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