Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Liberal hero Jim Bradley hides from C. diff scrutiny

Nice commentary by Brian Lilley on Jul.5, 2011 about the C. difficile outbreak in Niagara and how it under-whelmingly compares to the outrage which had surrounded the listeria outbreak in 2009.

 I wrote on this very same issue

- on Feb.23, 2009  see here

- on Feb.16, 2009  see here.

It is astounding how no federal Liberals are saying anything about the Niagara C. diff outbreak; it's as if they don't want to draw attention to Dalton McGuinty's incompetent health-care monopolism. (Where's Body-Bags Bennett when you need her?)
Lilley should try to get an interview on this subject with St.Catharines Liberal Jim Bradley, the secretive local MPP who has avoided commenting on the C. diff crisis in Niagara since it started.
Also, Lilley could also ask his lefty Sun Media colleagues at the St. Catharines Standard why they treat Liberal Jim Bradley with kid gloves.
Some one's got to ask why patients are dying, and why the local media purposefully avoids asking the problem for an explanation.
Huh??  Liberalism is a problem? Why, Ole Jimmy's heroically buildin' us a shiny new hospital... so how could Ole Jimmy be a problem?! What's single-payer monopolism got to do with anything?!
Even Liberal  MPP Tony Ruprecht is finally heading out the door: it is long past due for Jim Bradley to spare Ontario from further Liberal damage, to take his golden pension, and to just bow out as well.

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