Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time for a criminal trial to examine McGuinty's Liberal C. difficile negligence

It is sad how the left spins the horror that is currently happening with the C. difficile outbreak in Niagara's disastrous single-payer, Liberal-dictated health-care monopoly.
Pat Scholfield's July 12, 2011 letter in the St.Catharines Standard is one such example: "We need an investigation of the NHS" Scholfield says - yet doesn't say one bloody word about investigating the Niagara LHIN which oversees the NHS.
And doesn't say one bloody word about investigating the cabinet decisions of McGuinty's Liberal government - which created the LHIN's, and which ordered the Niagara LHIN to force the NHS to make cuts.
Once again, the familiar blame-the-NHS canard is trotted out by the left, emphasizing that 'the NHS implemented the HIP' - which is coyly only partially true - the NHS in fact DID NOT originate the HIP: the NHS was ordered  to create a HIP (and to get Dr. Kitts to study and sign-off on it) by the Liberal-created and Liberal-directed LHIN.
Ya see????  Do ya get it??? Really?!
Mysteriously, no one is asking the LHIN officials about any of this!!!!
Where's the investigation into the role the LHIN's played in the HIP?!
Where's the investigation into the role McGuinty's cabinet played in all this, not only in Niagara, but systemically province-wide????
Scholfield full well knows (as do Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor) that the NHS is no position to dictate policy!!
The NHS does what it is told by the Liberal monopolist government to do; it's not the other way around!
When George Smitherman says start cutting, that's what they do.
The NHS HIP was fully the result of the LHIN's order to cut costs; and, moving along this direct chain of command, the LHIN itself was issuing its orders on behest of their overseers, the health minister and the Liberal cabinet.
Let's not forget this very crucial and purposefully overlooked fact: the LHIN's not only ordered the NHS to create the HIP; the LHIN's also approved the HIP!!
'The NHS implemented the HIP', as Scholfield half-truths, but let's not forget: the HIP was implemented only after the LHIN approved it!!
The NHS was not acting alone in some policy vacuum!!
The NHS "implemented" the HIP only after its own overseers approved it, and allowed the implementation to take place.
Do ya get it???!?
Honestly: do ya GET IT???
This thing was orchestrated by McGuinty's Liberal scumbags from the top down.
The Niagara Health System should be investigated in complete conjunction with the LHIN and despotic Dalton McGuinty's monopoly-enforcing Liberal cabinet - preferably in front of a criminal court.
Either ya get that, or ya don't.
This is a serious political problem, of secretive, iron-fisted, cruel monopolist ideology, and its killer consequences.
Liberal scumbags think they can get away with their monopolist negligence.
The problem isn't so much the NHS, as it is unaccountable, irresponsible socialist ideology.

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