Thursday, February 16, 2012

McGuinty's criminal incompetency

Only now, as the Drummond report is being drummed into our heads, can we finally and clearly see the Liberal Nanny-state lies which Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, and Dalton McGuinty's Ontario Liberals had been spinning as truths prior to the 2011 Ontario election.
Read the Don Drummond report , and marvel at the differences between what Drummond's forensic analysis of Ontario's books has revealed, and what Ontario's Liberal scumbags were promising us last year.
It's clear that the McGuinty Liberals' last re-election was essentially based on sleight-of-hand politics, on a consciously orchestrated fraud. McGuinty was re-elected on a massive lie; on a blatant con; on a preplanned, purposeful political conspiracy, meant to deceive.
Either McGuinty's Liberals are truly incompetent and ignorant of  how their ideology has single-handedly ruined Ontario's economy over the last nine years; or, they were cognizant of their Liberal-led destruction all along, and simply didn't care, hoping to foist the repercussions of their pipe dream Liberal ponzi schemes onto some future government.
In either event, McGuinty's Liberals were not fit to lead Ontario. Their governance was - and is - reprehensible, if not outright criminal. This was - and is - essentially a Liberal government of serial liars, who spent nine years sanctimoniously blaming Harris, while they themselves destroyed Ontario.
Drummond's report essentially lays bare how 30-year's worth of Jim Bradley's pie-in-the-sky Liberal duplicity has now come home to roost.
Let's watch, shall we, as the Wrong-Righters at the St.Catharines Standard do their utmost to pretend that Jim Bradley's years of dismal, failing Liberalism had nothing to do with it.
Jimmy can try to blame 'harris', or Diefenbaker, or Ralph Klein, or Greece, Bush, Harper, Alberta, the Japanese tsunami, peak oil, global-warming... Fox news... Sarah Palin... anything, anyone... but his own Liberal ideology.
Let's see how the Standard bravely portrays their buddy Bradley.

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R.Bobak said...

Duplicitous Dalton's Deserved Downfall finally came on Jun.12, 2013, when Ontario's Premier Liar actually resigned from his seat as MPP. Yes, yes, this Liberal scumbag was still an MPP, still collecting his salary, even though he had resigned last year. Dalton's downfall can be directly attributed to St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, who helped McGuinty formulate and propagate their Great Green-Fear-based energy fraud throughout Ontario.
And fittingly, Dalton left on another, final lie: he had earlier claimed he was going to remain a loyal MPP until an election was called; now, seeing as his gas-plant e-mail deletion scandal was revealed, and is now under police investigation, suddenly Ontario's Pinocchio Premier breaks another promise, and resigns.
What can one say about this decade-long disaster that was Dalton? His legacy as Ontario's worst premier must not be sullied by the sepia-toned revision of time. Devious Dalton's Liberal compound-lies, deceptions, and scandals must always be remembered.
And, we must not forget that the new Liberal premier, Kathleen Wynne, is just a pant-suited Dalton clone, and fellow Liberal-whackjob, who actually (and disgustingly) praised Dalton for his 'sacrifice'!!