Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley why the Mayo is not in Ontario

 Further to my earlier post...

It was interesting to read Adrian Humphrey's National Post story (about engineer Owen Boris, who had worked on the Avro project, and later became a Canadian cable-tv pioneer, and whose estate has recently donated $30 million to McMaster university for stem cell and cancer research); in particular these comments:

..Mr. Boris was also frustrated by Canada’s often cumbersome health-care system. “He went to the Mayo Clinic and wondered why we can’t have something like a Mayo Clinic in Canada,” Dr. Kelton said..
...“My dad had been to the Mayo Clinic a couple of times and raved about it,” said Les Boris, Mr. Boris’s son. “We’re looking to see that type of model and infrastructure created here, so that people can have access to the best doctors, efficient diagnosis and immediate treatment.”
“Without any wait times,” added his sister, Jackie Work...

Admirable donation, but, you have to wonder how anyone in Ontario could have lately still been pondering why there isn't a Mayo clinic in Canada - especially in Ontario! Could it be something to do with the fact that a Mayo-health-care model would be immediately demonized by Liberals and their lefty brethern?!

Ontario's Liberals... such as Jim Bradley, Kim Craitor, Smitherman, Dalton McGuinty... were all about fear-mongering against American exceptionalism! This was the Liberal's prime demented political strategy: not to have the kind of health-care model which the Mayo had developed!!

Ontario's Liberals earned their pay by smearing and denigrating the American system which allowed the Mayo to develop. One doesn't have to look too far to see why we aren't raving about McGuinty's ideological state-run, single-payer health-monopoly, which still has not - and I daresay, cannot - recreate the 'infrastructure'  which is the essence of the Mayo.

It's because of Liberal monopolists such as Ontario MPP Jim Bradley that a Mayo-style culture has not come to Canada. The Mayo model interferes with and challenges Jimmy's inbred Liberal statism. Can't have that.

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