Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why does The St.Catharines Standard keep covering up for Liberal Jim Bradley?

It's FLICKING hilarious (as Liberal hack Laurel Broten would say) how the St.Catharines Standard's wrong-righters just... umm... haven't yet found the... um... time to ask their local McGuintyite Liberal MPP Jim Bradley anything at all about the Smitherman-imbued Liberal fiasco unravelling at ORNGE!

Wendy's gaggle of Niagara 'reporters' have had plenty of opportunity to interview Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for his comments about his Liberal's ORNGE disaster - but haven't!

When the Star reports

"...In an interview audio taped in 2008 by Ministry of Finance investigators, Keith Walmsley said former ORNGE boss Dr. Chris Mazza (who was terminated Thursday) and other executives were paying themselves whopping bonuses and had set up a spiderweb of for-profit companies. Walmsley went on to provide detailed allegations of numerous abuses of taxpayers money and said ORNGE was deceiving the cash-strapped health ministry, hiding a $5 million annual surplus in taxpayers funds by using a double set of books.
Walmsley had first brought his concerns to his bosses at ORNGE in 2007 and was told “what the Ministry (of Health) doesn’t know won’t hurt them.” When he complained further, ORNGE let him go just before his three-month probationary period was up.
Walmsley put his issues in writing to provincial officials, was interviewed by investigators in November 2008, then the health ministry told him the next month that the problems were solved"...

...why on earth would the Liberal ass-kissers at the St.Catharines Standard bother to ask their own local Golden Buddy Boy Liberal Jimmy about any of this??!!

Abuses of taxpayer's money in a secretive state-run single-payer health-care bureaucracy stacked with political toadies ---- Why should the Standard care about that?!!!

It wouldn't be nice to ask Jimmy about this kind of stuff; it'll make him look bad, and, would spoil our carefully built narrative about Jimmy's greatness... and, well... we don't want that; after all, what's Ole Jimmy got ta do wid any o' dis stuff, anyway??

 ...oh, hey; look over there! Lookit! Jimmy's cutting the ribbon at a parking garage!! Woohoo! Now, that's a great story!!

 Let's go!!

 And lookit: just like that, the "Problem is Solved" again!! [nudge nudge; wink wink...]

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